Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Blues

It's Friday!!

Yayyyy... well not so yayy when I realized that in the morning I will have to face my Aussie Bosses and colleagues hailing from Bangladesh, Ireland and Pakistan. We all closely work in the same team and I have given them enough reasons (and passed enough cheeky comments after their loss in the world Cup) for them to gherao me and listen to their music, for once. 

And so, as I entered my bay, a loud Good Morning Raj welcomed me, my manager looking up from the seat, with a wide grin. 
I made a sad smiley expression and hanged my head.
"What happened Raj, not so bright today", came the voice of another rival team supporter.
"I am depressed, please don't assign me any work". :P 

Likewise the charade continued, in the meeting, in the huddle after, in normal chitchat, in messenger. Ahh the World Cup fever has now completely faded off.

The huge digital board that we used for our project purposes played the Live match yesterday, while the cubicles near it were more like a lounge bar. I even lost a bet of two lunches!! Sigh!!

Apart from that, it's an absolute fun to be a part of a team with such diverse nationalities and interests. 

So how's your A to Z challenge preparation going? I am so dazed, with so many posts still remaining to be scheduled I have started losing my mind. Writing Frenzy Mode High !! {gulping down the 10th cup of green tea}

Monday, March 23, 2015

Theme Reveal - A to Z April Challenge

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” 

During days when I am bogged down by bouts of writer's block, this is the quote that keeps me going. April is a very busy month when it comes to blogging, an exciting time to write continuously, blog-hop and socialise with other amazing bloggers. One can't afford to have a constipation of ideas ;)

Last year was the first time I had participated in A to Z April challenge. With 3 blogs, 3 different themes and 78 posts (in fact more than that), it was quite hectic, but I loved the whole experience of being a part of something big. 

You can read the last year's posts here - Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors

This time two of my blogs will be participating in the challenge. One is a travel blog and you can find the theme reveal here - Wanderlust Postcards

The theme I have selected for the challenge is inspired from an Instagram hashtag - 
Yoga Every Damn Day

Since the start of this year, I have found myself more and more inclined to Yoga and Meditation. I am still learning and practising, trying to reach my health goals. It's sometimes disappointing when I don't see any change, but slowly I have learnt to be patient with my body. Each day I am trying to understand it more, its limitations and the things it can do.

This April join me in my journey to better health and fitness, of the body and mind, as I post my yoga poses and progress. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Upside Down World - Yoga inversion

So my laptop died last week. I haven't started accounting the Gigabytes of data I lost, fearing that I might spend a week under the table, weeping. But then,  my darling of a husband bought me a MacBook Pro ... yeah you can imagine the huge grin that I am wearing right now :D It's the yoga of my face :D

The previous week on Instagram pretty much sums up my yoga progress. 

Yoga is like a revelation to me and slowly I have realised that Patience is the key. Although, it is quite amusing when my legs are up in the air, swaying, trying to find the wall right behind me. How a distance of mere centimetres feel like miles!! Lifting my collar, with pride, I can say that I have now seen how the world looks upside down. 

Yoga supported headstand and tripod headstand

Since I practice at home alone, I had the biggest fear of snapping my head while doing a Tripod Headstand. But as I started becoming comfortable in the supported headstand position (yeah to even think that I am comfortable with my head resting on floor {shakes head}), Tripod headstand came naturally   {smirk} when I tried it for the first time.

I still haven't gone away from the wall. My core isn't strong enough to lift my legs yet. I feel like a crane trying to lift a huge boulder... gosh so tough!! If only I had the power of ants.

I am in love with all the sunrises I have watched till now. Currently, sunrise time in Sydney is 6:45 am, which is quite convenient even though I live 25 kms away from the beach. But once the daylight saving stops, after a month, we would go one hour back. The winter too is slowly setting in, I am in a race to watch sunrises and complete my series of yoga photoshoot before the season ends.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

[Fiction] - Shadows of Silence

The cafe was swarming with young blood. Androids and IPhone kept the fingers busy while they relished piping hot caramel flavoured Mocha and frothy Latte. Amidst this chaos of drinks and technology, and humans, was Avni, relaxing on a comfortable sofa, surrounded by non-stop chatter of her friends.

She listened to Akash, passionately talking about his tweet that made to an international online e-magazine, while Sumit's article on women emancipation was top pick of the day by another popular website. No doubt their writing was excellent and she respected their talent, but to her, they were just Couch Activists. She didn't voice her opinion. That would be rude. Instead she offered a smile and dropped in few compliments.

Her knuckles were still sore, from the punches she had volleyed on the sandbag. Yet the thrill of reality was something else. He was on the newspaper today, fourth page, bloody eyed and broken nose. Some reporter fellow had found him just where she had kicked his sorry a$$. As expected, he stated that a group of drunken men had attacked him. She could only roll her eyes. He was too ‘manly’ to accept a pounding from a girl, for a crime he tried to commit.

"I need to work on my round kick more, it came in handy", she thought.

"You still here with us", Simi's voiced broke her reverie.
"Sorry, what were you asking?"
"How was your Friday night?", Simi loudly enunciated each word.
"Naaah nothing interesting", Avni replied blankly.

This wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. She calmly sipped her hot chocolate, sinking into her world, wrapped by shadows of silence.

This week's prompt at Blog-A-Rhythm is by yours truly :)
Shadows of Silence - my favorite phrase ever :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dummy's Guide to watch a Parade

Last Saturday we went to watch Mardi Gras 2015 Parade. With more than 10,000 participants, about 150 floats and thousands and thousands of spectators, covering around 5 kms, Mardi Gras is indeed a spectacular event to watch out for.

Hyde park was the starting point of the parade this year. The start time being 7:00 pm, we reached the park by 4:30, just to find a proper place (which later on we found wasn't enough) The participants looked absolutely fabulous in their colorful and rather interesting costumes. After shooting them for a while we decided to make our way to the street and find a place to watch the parade.
But alas!! we weren't lucky that day. Across the span of 5km, not a place was left that remained unoccupied. 

I did try to sneak in between towering human wall, but, in vain. That's when I realized, that there are other ways of watching the parade.

Climb upon the boyfriend's shoulders.

It would have been an excellent idea if my husband was a foot taller and had upper body strength to carry my weight.

Climb upon the Road Signs

Naah, I don't think the police is going to like it!!

Climb on nearby trees

Now this lovey-dovey couple really did find a sweet spot.

 That's a perfect spot too!! If only I could climb without breaking my teeth.

Rent a balcony-view flat

These are the days when I really wish I lived in one of these swanky balcony view flats.

Climb a pole

This sweet grandfather is quite strong, the way he climbed the pole made my jaw touch my toes.

So next time you wanna watch a parade, you know what you got to do ;) 
You are welcome :P

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I got my Yoga on !!!

"So how's your work-out going", someone asked me the other day.
"Oh well, I am trying hard to open my shoulders and back. They are so tight", I replied.
"Why don't you use a screwdriver?" Gosh this cheeky friend of mine!!


My husband walked in while I was chilling out in a Karnapidasana pose.
"Oyeee Phas Gayi Kiya" , he asked, laughing his guts out. 
(Phas Gayi Kiya = Are you stuck?)

Btw, this is how it looks

"I can't find my third Eye", I said disappointingly.
"Just check your jewellery box dear". {facepalm}


"Did you see, did you see, I totally turned into a crow"
"Never had a doubt you weren't one". {Punch!!!}

I totally killed this pose, and it killed my wrist ;)

"Ommmm!! Ohh the cliffhanger of Castle is killing me!! Is Detective Beckett still alive!!"

Sometimes I am a mermaid too - Yoga Mermaid Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

And ... Sunrises are never the same. 
Check out the sun peeping out of the horizon, clicked at Coogee Beach, Sydney

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rapunzel Zentangle

I have been itching to draw a Tangled themed Rapunzel Zentangle ever since I completed my Flynn Rider Zentangle. Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies. I have lost count of the number of times I have watched it. The innocence, the unbelievably adorable characters, the dreamy songs ... this movie can make me survive any bad day :)

Rapunzel - Image source Google
So here it is, drawn on a weekend when I was done with my cleaning, cooking, washing, scrubbing :P Well, it was raining so I couldn't do anything else.

I exhausted all my knowledge of using pencil colors :P

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bright and Beautiful - Quilling Frame

Paper Quilling had always been one of my weekend activities, if I am staying home, but not on the day of applying nail polish. Nah you don't mix manicures and paper works :) I love making frames with heart. Somehow that gives me liberty to make everything colorful and bright. Like these!! I just rolled whatever color my hands could lay on.

The final look.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. It's a big store house of creativity.

If you are interested in Quilling check out the below links where I have shared tips and few tutorials.

Here are few Quilling Tips to get you started - Quilling Tips
My 3D Quilling Collection - Quilling Miniatures
Here's a Tutorial on how to make leaves - Quilling Leaves 
Tutorial on making flower - Quilling Orchid Tutorial

For more you can check my Facebook page

Friday, February 20, 2015

5 things I got from

As promised, here's a list of things I bought from . I can understand that many buyers are apprehensive while shopping online, and it is quite natural to question the genuinity of stores in this age of fraud and scams. Do check out the tips, tricks and Review I shared on online shopping last month. 

I love the collection at Aliexpress and the ridiculously cheap prices often make me stare hard at the screen, blinking and wondering, if it's really possible. The icing on the cake is - Free Shipping!! Yeayiee!!

The drawback of buying at Aliexpress is the long shipping period, which can range from 15 -45 days. So if you have all the time in the world to receive a product, go for it. 

Shoulder Bag - $10.99

Creamy White with golden chain, looks chic either with dress or a pair of blue jeans, though I am vary of putting too many things inside it.

Pointed Toe High Heel $25.26

I have saved it for special occasions like parties and get-together as 3 inch heel isn't really a good choice of footwear while running after the train, every morning. Good material, stylish and strong built.

Pumps with bow-knot $14.99

They look cute with dresses and skirts. I often wear them while travelling or going out for grocery shopping. The material is soft but tends to make sweaty feet like mine sweat even more. 

Kimio Stainless Steel Watch $4.34

I have no idea whether Kimio is a brand or a type of fish, but I received heaps of compliments on the watch. Inexpensive and fashinable!! what else you need :) It perfectly fits my wrist too. 

Quilling Strips (3 Packs) - total $10.26

Those who follow my blog would realize my obsession for papercrafts. After relocating to Sydney I ran out of materials and was looking for reasonably priced quilling strips. It was then I came across Aliexpress and, infact, this was the first order I had placed. 

Have a look at what I made out of those paper strips :)

Being short and having small feet, I could hardly find anything of my choice at malls or local shops. It was when I was on the verge of looking like a homeless person did I start my desperate attempts to find clothes online. Online shopping does take fare amount of research and carefulness, but till now (fingers crossed) I am happy with my buys,

I hope this post was helpful. I got few more items and will be blogging about it soon.
Stay tuned!

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