Friday, August 29, 2014

10 Nonsensical Chatter on FB

I planned to write a serious post for "My two cents' worth" prompt by Write Tribe, but then I read my old facebook statuses and thought - Why so serious? :D

Here's my 10 Facebook total bakwas statuses, that I still enjoy reading :D

Murphy's law of kitchen - thou eyes shall start itching the moment thee finish chopping chilies.

I need some serious treatment... for capturing Gophers and harvesting Magic beanstalk right in the middle of the night. Maybe in some parallel universe, there's a saner version of me, But then, what's life without being whimsy #FarmvilleAddict

Feeling insanely positive today { maybe I should stop smiling alone, people are throwing weird looks } (written on my birthday)

Just when you think that you have learnt every little thing that life could teach, realization dawns and you find yourself watching videos on - "How to pack a suitcase efficiently?". #Mummyyyyyyyy  (days before relocating to Sydney)


Now that I think of it, I stopped watching cricket when cricketers started becoming younger than me

Ahhh the scent of peanuts in my bank account!!! Nauseating #incentive

I know it isn't cool, on the boderline of being a fool, but I end up pushing the door, wen there's written Pull #mantallythesick

Andheri Raat k 12 baje, with stiff neck n sleepy eyes I gaped at the 4 bright shooting stars and 2 really fast ones! that too within 20min. #geminidshowers

Ok I tried sweeping the floor and got bitten by big black bee, tried doing d dishes, broke d glass! Seriously, I dnt reject work, they reject me

{and my favorite status, written few months before the wedding :) }

Marriages are made in Heaven, Bills are paid on earth !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sibling Effect - Men without Sisters

"Look, I don't need suggestions ... Just listen and nod your head... ok!!", I would say after doing an exasperated facepalm.
"How am I supposed to know that. I didn't grow up with girls!!", he would try to defend himself, with that mischievous grin of his.

This got me thinking, am I the only one who feels that it's excruciatingly painful to explain the simplest of girly-thing to a guy who grew up with brothers and no sisters. 

I have to make him sit down, literally pat his head and then explain that I don't like playing boxing all the time, so stop punching my shoulders.
To which he would often retort,"Kiya karu ...I grew up like that ." He is the youngest of three brothers and seems they expressed their love by kick-boxing. 

Imagine, the whole day you are curled up like a tortoise due to stomach cramps, and you have  finally found a position that somewhat relieves the pain. With that state of mind, try explaining this to your Mr Ignorant, who at regular interval would pop his head and ask ,"Soti rahogi kiya sara din!!" (Will you sleeping the whole day?). Those with some patience can even attempt explaining, I on the other hand would throw a pillow and howl,"Go away". He thinks the hormones effect my mental health too, because my most favorite expressions during those times are :

And feminine hygiene products extort exact reactions from him.
Sometimes I feel a part of his brain is emotionally underdeveloped. Else why would he make me watch all the sequels of SAW, one after another? He even tried to keep my eyes open during those gory scenes.

The other day I had worn a new dress and I asked him to take a picture of me. I wanted to see how the dress would look in pictures. Now this is an extremely normal behavior among girls. Sisters and Room-mates have been doing this since ages. But I spent half an hour trying to explain why I needed the picture and why the mirror wasn't enough. Sometimes I feel so emotionally exhausted answering all his Why's and What's.

Take for instance - shoes. A week ago I gave him a lecture on types of shoes. There are office shoes, friday shoes, glam shoes, go-to-grocery shoes, workout shoes, rainy day shoes etc etc. I am pretty sure my brother doesn't need any tutorial as my sister and I taught him pretty well, :) but I have to explain it to my dear hubby that most girls are crazy about their shoes, so asking them why they are buying a new pair is extremely illogical.

I am infact thinking of writing a manual for him, along with troubleshooting tips. Tell me, please tell me that I am not the only one.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My 12 Most Favorite Fun Activities

One of the personality traits that I inherited from my Dad is - I can't stay idle. It takes herculean effort for me to sit at one place and do nothing. I am always upto something. Like a machine. I even tried meditating once, but as the fate may be, in my mind I could see words being typed, about a story I had planned to write. {facepalm}

If you are bored and looking for some new hobby, here's a list of my 12 most favorite fun activities. I hope you find something of your liking.

1) Travel Photography
Travel-bug bit me when I was little. Dad had a transferable job, so I got to live in different parts of India. I never fail to brag about the fact that I have changed 9 schools (no I wasn't kicked out :P ) Today I enjoy being a travel blogger and photographer.This Twinkle Eyed Traveller loves to capture the essence of a city through words and lens. Facebook Page.

2) Paper Craft
3D Quilling and 3D Origami - It's amazing how a piece of paper can be transformed into something so creative and beautiful. Ever tried paper quilling!! Go for it, you gonna love it.
I share my paper pagalpan at The Art of Folding a Paper.

3) Reading
Ebooks are for train-reading, standing-in-long-queue-reading and awkward-situation-acting-busy-reading. Paperbacks for night-reading, (killing cockroaches and showcasing handmade bookmarks) There's always something for every occasion. :)

4) Writing
Whether I am kicking my own a$$ through anecdotes or publishing tear-jerking short fictions, writing is my passion. Not just digitally, but in journals and diaries too. Am I vain when I say that I love the curves of my handwriting? :P
You can read all my work here

5) Nail Art
I am crazy about nail polish and nail art. I change them every week, a chipped nail irks me like the sound-of-sandpaper-against-the-wall. Here's a glimpse of my Chronicles of messy nails.

6) Hiking/Bushwalking
On sunny summer weekends, along with my hubby, I love going on long coastal walks, bush walking, hiking and exploring the nature. Keeps my body fit and mind fresh.

7) Sudoku
Can't read a newspaper without finishing the Sudoku section. It's addictive and I do it because it makes me feel intelligent :P well one needs proof sometimes, you know!! :P

8) Shape Poetry
Girl, moon, pendulum or flowers - I love arranging my poetry in the shape of the subject. They are the highlight of my poetry blog

9) Dancing
It's been a long long time since I have been up on stage, but the passion never dies. Ever since I saw the Nagada song, I am dying to master those steps. Not to forget that it's an awesome workout too.

10) Zentangle
This is a fairly new hobby which I am working on after being inspired by Kathy and Laurel's beautiful creations. Here's two of my messed up doodles.

11) Workout
I am a lazy foodie, who constantly needs a nudge - like a new dress that no longer fits, to make run around the park like a crazy-woman-with-a-mission. I love working out in the confines of my living room, mixing youtube videos of Jillian and some power workouts.

12) Cooking
I am a disaster-maker in the kitchen, but unfortunately, that never stopped me!! I even started baking recently, which by the way is no good :P But I can dish out a delicious egg curry and creamy white pasta :D

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Of Lazy Foodie & Red Lipstick

The winter is getting colder day by day, waking up by 7:30 is nearing impossible. And to top it all, there are incredibly disciplined souls like Sanch who make lazy bums like me look like.... 
How could I let go off the warm  fluffy blankets and walk into icy 5 degrees? Too bad we don't have a room heater. My husband leaves for office before me, while I am still drooling over the pillows. But before going he would wake me up, every single day and ask,"Does this shirt go with the Jeans." Really!! Didn't the mirror gave you the answer!!
But still, being the lovely wife I am, I would raise my head, open my eyes ever so slightly and would  mumble something like,"Yeah yeah Hero ekdum.".

Remember his histrionics with the camera, well few weeks back we visited Chinese garden where he wanted to practice taking profile shots. Of course, I had to be the volunteer. I dragged along his equipments, carried his Pepsi, applied a shocking red lipstick which in normals days would make me look like -

But I was rewarded with some really good shots, which I can now use for my facebook profile :D Do check out his page - Shilsagar's Photography

After months of effort, I finished reading Anna Karenina a week ago, and till now I am in deep depths of melancholia.I had finished reading two new books since then, in hope that they would balance the effect of AK, but in vain. I might have to finish the whole series of Harry Potter to lighten the effect. It's after a really long time a book had left such deep impact on me. Maybe I wasn't reading right!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

3D Quilling Elephant

It's been a while since I made a 3D quilling model. I saw these cute elephant pictures floating in quilling groups and was so tempted to make one for me.

Meet Misha, my little Elephant.

Here she is, watching friends with me.

And she is so adamant on trying on these shades!!

And now she wants to watch something else. Look at the eyes she's making at me!! :P

I am so out of ideas today. Misha and I are trying to find some interest in Pinterest.

Hop on to my page to view more of my creations :) The art of folding paper

Monday, August 4, 2014

Drabble: Paper Lantern

Gently, he lifted the paper lantern. The flame flickered slightly in cool winter breeze. He closed his eyes before pushing it away. The wind embraced the ruffling paper, carrying his message, towards the starless heaven.

I remember spending my childhood, sitting on his lap, listening to tales. Still ringing in my ears, is that one lesson he taught me ages ago.

My grandfather said that the art of losing isn't hard to master. Yet, year after year, I watched him send letters to grandma, lovingly tied in the flimsy lantern.

Maybe I will never master this art. Just like him.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Drabble: The Mark

"How could he do this to me?"

Lia was horrified at her husband's action. She ran her fingers over the deep black and blue marks across her face, not knowing what to do. No amount of makeup could hide those hideous marks.

She could hear him whistling in the living room.
That heartless rogue!!

Hurt and furious, she called her best-friend from office.
“Hey Rimmi, I can’t go to office today.”
“Why? You ok?
“Well, last night while I was asleep, my idiot husband drew doodles all over my face with a permanent marker and I can’t get it off”.

Drabble is a 100 word fiction

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