Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Territory of Kitchen

Chopping beetroot is a tricky business. By the time I was done with two, the kitchen looked like a gory scene from Games of Thrones. My husband was flexing his muscles and lifting dumbbells when he saw me struggling with the beetroot. 

"Arey that's not how you peel them. Move the knife away from your body." He placed his dumbbells down, took the knife from me and like a glorious participant of  Masterchef, showed me how to do it.

It was at that time did it strike me that I have always been surrounded by men who are extremely good cooks and are not scared of getting down and dirty with potatoes and cauliflowers. My dad's khichdi  is world famous and Bro can dish out a super yummy Pork curry.  

I remember telling my mother-in-law once, that I didn't know how to cook a particular vegetable, to which she replied,"Just ask your hubby, he knows how to cook that." Yeah, she's pretty cool :). In fact, for the grand lunch, a day after our wedding, my husband jumped into the kitchen and prepared a delicious brinjal curry, while his Bhabi's and Mausi's took care of other items.

Kitchen was never a women-only place in my household. During festive seasons when the influx of visitors increase, I have washed utensils with Dad till 2 am in the morning, chatting, gossiping and discussing my future. Mom, though tired, would often pop in between, maybe out of guilt, but we would shove her back into the bed. 

The border that society had marked in the kitchen is changing in most homes, where the husband understands and embraces this change, that the task of hosting a party is not the sole responsibility of women. Or if a friend drops in, the husband easily dons the role of Chai-Maker.

A lot of beautiful conversations have taken place over the kitchen sink, while I cleaned rice and he chopped the onions. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friends & Funny Moments

I watch Friends everyday, every single day, same episodes again and again. I just can't get enough of it. The jokes never get old.

So here's a compilation of Friends gifs that I found online and how I totally relate to it.

When I tell my husband that I won't be buying any more nail polish.

When someone suggests shopping!!!

When teammate talks about code fixes during my coffee break :P.

When someone wears the same dress as mine {gosh.. sigh ... can't breathe}

When I found that my two good friends were dating for the past one year!! 
Those brats kept it hidden from everyone!!

When I showed my parents what I was going to wear to a function at my relative's place.

So did you ever feel like that?? Share in the comment section :)

(The gifs are not mine, they are taken from Google Images and Tumblr)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Happy Happy Post

Last week was pretty exciting {touchwood}. I won two beautiful Nail Art giveaways and received a stash of fabulous nail polishes from Serenity Nails. The pack not only contained nail colors, but also glitter, nail feathers, vitamin and cuticle oil :D. I can't wait to try them all.

Although I did some experiment last week with feathers. The brown ones are real feathers. The result is not as fabulous... I am still learning how to use them.

Over the past few weeks I have received calls from agents for job opportunities. And most of them would fumble after "May I speak with ... umm... Rajl...". No, I don't correct them immediately, I love to hear them fumble and mumble :) (The clients in my previous office called me Raj, and everyone at offshore thought I was a boy untill they saw my DP in Skype)

Source - Here

It's only after few more trials do I tell them my name and we end up laughing. Happens all the time :P I don't need ideas to break ice, my name is enough :P So a new opportunity came up last week, for which I had been pining and whining ever since I quit my job. I feel blessed and humble and am still surprised at the turn of events in my life. :)

The last two months were the only time when I didn't have a plan, and my first ever break. Now when I look back, I realize, that's what I had needed all this time. A time to reflect upon my my life and what I really want. Today I feel blessed to have exeprienced so many beautiful things.

I am happy that I stood by myself.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Of Winter Mornings and Nails

It's been a year since we landed in Sydney, since the day my husband and I left everything behind and took the plunge towards our dream. The winter reminds me of our initial days. The stark contrast between Bangalore summer and Sydney winter had frozen us, right in the airport itself. Time flies so fast. As I type these words, I could feel my fingers slowly going cold. :P

Talking of fingers, I did few more nail art last week.


My Roti making skills are still abysmal but I am an expert at finding Kaamchalao easy fixes (blame it on 6 years of being a software developer). I mix all the ingredients with water, make a dosa like paste and then fry it like Poori :P Sometimes I would chop onions or beetroot and call it a hybrid version of Thalipeeth.


Getting up in the morning is a herculean task and to top it all, every day I struggle with the shower, trying to find the perfect mixture of hot and cold water.

souce - Google

And I feel like never ever getting out of the shower. The other day, my absent mindedness crossed every limit of absurdity when after a long time of playing with hot water I forgot whether I used the soap or not. {facepalm}

souce - Google

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Nakhrebaaz Other Half

I was wandering in my warm and cozy dreamscape, when I felt a cold hand rubbing against my face. A chill ran down my spine. In a split second I was up on my bed, only to realize that it was my husband who had again woken up at an unearthly hour. Who wakes up at 6 am, specially when the temperature outside is 7 freaking degrees!!

"Are you trying to kill me!!", I snapped back. Nope, I am not a morning person.
"I was actually planning to pour a mug of water on you". He said with that sly smile of his.

"What ... do... you...  want?", I asked as I flopped back on the bed, gathering all the blanket around me.

"I need haircut ... Pleaseee"
"Didn't I trim your hair two days back!!!"
"But look they have grown. I can't go to office like that."
I glared at him. How long can a hair grow in two days? 

"It's the same. Let me go to sleep before anyone gets hurt".
"C'mon please!!". The few more "please" that he added, were right next to my eardrums.
"Oofff". No, there was no peace until I run the damn machine on his head. 

His hair was cropped short all over, except on top. Yeah, that's the latest trend it seems. I call it the Manny-Style. Remember Manny from Ice Age.

How can anyone even move in this cold? I thought as he quickly laid down all the tools on the table, arranged the chair and plugged in the electric razor. All I managed was to drag my feet towards the living room.

He handed me the razor, placed his hands on my shoulders and shook me.
"Step one - Open your eyes"

Yeah, I was pretty much shaken and awake by that time.

After 15 minutes of running the razor over his head, I showed him the mirror.

"Hey you missed this part? Do it properly." He slapped the razor back in my hands.

After 5 more minutes.
"Naah ... you missed this section". He said, pointing the hair hidden behind his ears. "If you don't want to do this, you should have said earlier".

"Really, like I had choice!!". I was in no mood to entertain his tantrums. Nope, I am really not a morning person.

After two more minutes of struggling with the razor and trying not to trim off his ears as well, I again placed the mirror in front of him.
"Yeah, that's better. You are my best wife". He said mockingly.

"Clean this mess before you leave", was all I said before I slumped back on the inviting bed.

My dreamscape was now a hairy mess.

Yup, that's the hairstyle. Wow, I can be a stylist :P

** NakhreBaaz is a Hindi word that literally translates to Picky in English

Monday, June 30, 2014

Turn up the Radio!!

My parents were strictly against getting a connection of cable TV in our home. So until I started living in college hostel, about 10 years ago, I didn't have much idea on what was going on in the Television world, be it drama or otherwise. 

My siblings and I were brought up on a heavy dose of Doordarshan. Sometimes if we twist the TV antenna far enough, we would catch a hazy glimpse of DD Metro too. I am pretty sure everyone is familiar with the popular Friends series. Well I used to follow it in the little 'TV and Movie section of The Telegraph newspaper, yeah imagine that!!

I was a huge fan of English songs, and during those days, there were hardly any programmes that played my favorite numbers. My only solace was a 15 minute  radio series which was telecast every day between 2:45 pm to 3:00 pm.

The school bus would to drop me a good 500m away from home at around 2:30 pm and I used to run like crazy to reach home. I would throw off my shoes in the  veranda, slam the doors and tune in to the radio.

During the day my Mom would often mess with the frequencies to play Assamese songs. And I had to reset all the settings. Ahh so frustrating!! :)

With bated breath, I would pray for Maria or Backstreet boys. Oh the joy of listening to Westlife and N Sync!! The suspense of what awaits next and sometimes the disappointment when not one of my favorite songs are played. No one was supposed to disturb me during those 15 minutes.

Through the series, I got introduced to Carpenters and Scorpions. And MLTR too. 

When I listen to That's Why you go Away, I still imagine myself sitting on the floor, next to the radio, my ears sticking to the speakers. I am filled with a sudden gush of strange nostalgic feeling, as if something is missing, as if something has been left behind and beyond my grasp.

On another note, this is what radio does to me these days!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Craft: Monster Bookmark Tutorial

A lot of requests came in to share the Monster Bookmark tutorial I displayed in my previous post Monster and Mommy . So here I am, sharing the steps to make the bookmark. It's extremely easy 4 step tutorial and I am sure kids gonna love it. As I have said before, bookmarks are one of the reasons why I love paperbacks. They make the whole reading experience more fun :D

I get a lot of paper pamphlets in my mailbox every single day. And to the utter frustration of my husband, I carry all those beautiful colorful advertisements and stock them up in my cupboard. :) They are cute and can be used in my paper crafts. The trick is to keep it hidden from my husband's reach :D I hate to let go of any colorful paper, be it in shops or dumped on roadside. For most of my paper creations I have tried to reuse paper as much as possible.

For this tutorial, I used the second pamphlet. Here's the step by step tutorial to make the bookmark.

Cut paper into a square. Any dimension is fine 5'5 or 6'6.
Fold it into at the center, vertically and horizontally. It will create four creases. 
In step two, cut out one of the four regions and then vertically cut out the portions of adjacent sections as shown.
In step 3, take those pointed edges and fold at the crease, over the top section. That's it. Stick those two pinted sections together.

You can turn them into Angry Bird or Monsters or Cute bunnies :D Go on, play with your creativity. 

To make monster teeth, take a paper and cut it in zig zag manner and then stick it at the tip of the mouth.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you make one please share your creation as a comment. I would love to see that. :)

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The Art of Folding a Paper

More crafts: Papercrafts

Hop on to my other blog where a story is in progress - Love at first Punch!!

**Updated 27 June

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Smiles: Of Monsters & Mommy

Ever since I landed in Sydney, my Mom has done more research on Australia than I could have ever managed. I have no idea from where she gets all her information, but then, you know how Moms are... they are quite resourceful. She know the places where Dil Chata Hai was shot, the tall structure of Sydney Eye and is often reminding me to stay away from bushes for the fear of snakes and other reptilian creatures. Should I tell her that I go for bush-walking and walk past water-dragons all the time? Naah, a paranoid mom is worse than an informative mom :P

A fact she couldn't fathom is the use of tissue paper for 'you know what' and that we drink tap water. With anxious voice she would often ask me if we use same water for kitchen and bathroom. And when I say yes, she would go,"tsk tsk!! boil the water ok". Moms!!

Here's a picture of Waverley Cemetry where Dil Chahta was shot. Waverley cemetry contains graves of many who shaped Australia. It was opened in the year 1877.

 If I had known earlier I would have shot exactly like that :P Well maybe next time.


I haven't done much crafting for a really long time. Last night, while I was reading a paperback - Thirst by L A Larkin, I realized I don't have any bookmarks. The papercrafter in me "tsk tsk" for not creating my own personalized bookmark.

So today I opened by crafting bag, and armed with tea and cauliflower fritters, I made a few monster type bookmarks.

Those are my earlier works. I had placed craft glue and bbq sauce together, because "glue" and "bbq" rhymes :) but that only lead to, not one, but three people telling me not to mix them up while eating :) With my history, yeah that's possible!!

That's how my sunday went, how about yours?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Got my Soccer Nails on!!!

This post is by a nail polish nut crack, not a football fan. :) Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook is being flooded by pictures of nails painted in different colors and designs. The latest trend of football colored talons have inspired me too. I mean I have no interest on what goes on the field, but when it comes to nail trends!! ohh yeah I am in. 

So I am adding a little glitter and glaze to this game of 22 men and a ball. Yeah I know, hard-core fans would be cringing at the mere idea of mentioning 'nail polish' and 'football' in the same line.

They might cringe even more when I put nail designs and a soccer ball in the same frame :P

I used Brazil and Germany flag colors to paint my nails on left fingers. It's not that I support them, it's just that they look bright and beautiful, and I love contrasting colors. :) Football fans are free to do a classic facepalm :P

I was trying to do something on my middle fingernail, which was a disaster and now it looks like a stick figure doing Bhangra, surrounded by footballs :P


I am a techy girl, keyboard has to be featured somewhere!! :)

And here's the football. Well my football ain't a plain one, it got lot of glitter from Ultra 3 nail polish.

This is actually a shiny green color which I used for Brazil flag.

I used nail polishes from Sally Hansen, Ultra 3, Revlon to create the designs and then applied a top coat by Revlon.

 Are you sporting your Soccer Nails??  

And this is my 501th post !!! Yaayyyyy !!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Convict Silos

Convict Silos at Cockatoo Island, Sydney

When you read about the history of prisons at Cockatoo Island, it brings back some gory and painful images. One of them is about Convict Silos.

These silos were the first government grain silos built by the convicts who were imprisoned at the island. The bottle shaped silos were chiselled down by hand and were made to avoid food shortages.

There's a story reported on 5th October 1852. Three men were sent down into the silo (maybe to fetch wheat grains). Their long absence and silence lead to suspicion that all was not right. Three more men were sent down to fetch them. They found the three men and were drawn up using ropes. At first the men were quite insensible but later on were brought around.

The other three men who had so heroically rescued the men were also under the influence and their life was extinct. It is said that the air of the pit was impure and believed it must have arisen from wet wheat grains, leading to air becoming fatal for life.

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