Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Champagne Dress

I am a choosy shopper. Be it online or in a store, I take ridiculous number of hours, sometimes days, to pick a dress. Yup, I am the nightmare shopper wife :P So when my friends compliment me on one of my picks, I beam with pride. Like a proud owner I show off my prized possession. :)

Few months ago, I had randomly taken part in a Yoyomelody Giveaway where every participant was awarded a $30 gift coupon. 

Even before the coupon landed in my inbox I had scanned through the site, for more than a week to find a suitable dress. Finally settled for this Chic and Modern Chiffon Dress. Neither too short, nor too long, perfect for the summers. Light green isn't my shade, so from a huge list of colors I picked Champagne.

To be frank I was quite sceptical while selecting it and wasn't expecting much, but since I had a coupon I was ready to take the risk in selecting colors and experimenting with size. Before submitting the order, in the comment section I had added my height and wrote that I wanted the hem of the dress to fall on my knees.

The production time was said to take 20-25 days and shipment time 10-15 days. I received the shipment after a month, from China. The bonus were the stamps stuck on the package :)

As you can see, the dress is absolutely gorgeous and it fits like a dream.


** I wasn't asked to review the product, I did it because I loved it :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Little this and that

I stretched my legs under the office desk, only to have my heels tangled in the cobweb of wires beneath. With my legs hanging in air, I sat still as an important piece of code was in progress and if by any chance my heels pulled out the power cable, a whole day's work would be gone. With cat woman like motions, slyly I moved, saved my work and then one by one untangled my heels from the wires. Sigh!! the struggles of life!!


For the past two weeks my nose was in a temporary shutdown state. The previous two weeks it was a leaking cauldron. And before that allergies had built a mini home inside my sinus. This winter a permanent fixture of my style statement was a tissue paper. Not the Kleenex kind, but the sandpaper ones,  like-hand towels. It was during this time I discovered that Kleenex tissue makes me go into a catastrophic sneezing fit. My cheeks displayed all the shades of pink and red, while dark circles had spread into my socket. Breakouts marked my hairline. 

I complained about my flaring sinuses to my hubby, who out of love(?!?)  rubbed Amrutanjan all over my forehead, nose and neck. Ohhh my dead lord!! I felt as if the red fire ants were doing Hip hop all over my face.


The other day, I randomly sent my hubby a message saying,"I love you so much" {followed by some lovey dovey smileys}. He replied back with a short and crisp "What do you want now?". But when I reached home that evening, my husband was already there. The house was vacuumed, the dished were washed, the onions and tomatoes thinly chopped. I had brought chicken for dinner, and that too he volunteered to cook. :D Hmmm ... the trick does work after all {*wink wink*} 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tips on Nail Stamping

Hello there. In my previous post on nail stamping I had published a tutorial on how to go about it. Check out The art of nail stamping

Many of my friends and readers had asked me how long do they stay. The trick that I use to make nail polish stay for longer time is transparent Top coat. I apply a transparent coat of nail polish before painting my nails. This also prevents coloring of nails as longer exposure to nail polishes might turn your nails yellowish.

Once I have applied the design I add another layer of top coat so that the nail polish don't chip off. This makes the design last atleast a week.

The nail polishes that I feel stay longer are Revlon, OPI and Sally Hansen. If you feel that your nail polish is about to chip off, apply a layer of transparent coat to stick it back.

I hope this helps. Stay tuned - more tips on beautiful nails, coming your way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drabble: Your Idiot!!

"...I don’t say this often but I love you, always". She finished reading the letter and slammed it in his hand, furious and embarrassed. He looked on, smiling broadly.
"No one has ever written anything so beautiful to me."
"Then why didn't you read it. You received the letter like ages ago."
"Hey, I couldn't understand your handwriting”, he said innocently, “all your R U V W look the same. But see I saved it, so that you could read it to me."
Uff!! you are such an idiot”.
Your idiot”, he said and crushed her in a tight embrace.


Like most of my stories this too is based on true story :P  

Written for Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday prompt, inspired by the following quote.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.
― Anne Frank

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Clean Freak Chronicles

Monica Geller is the role model for all the clean-freaks around the world. Any friend who's obsessive about cleanliness and tidiness and neatness and all other such "ehhh" things that scares the life out of housemates, is lovingly called Monica. You won't believe how pleased they are if you name them so.

But to be married to one, is a whole new deal. I feel like I am enacting various characters from Friends - Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey while my husband is The Monica. Or maybe he is Sheldon and I am Penny.

I mean seriously, if he wanders at night to clean the house, I won't be surprised. Our apartment is clean by normal human standards, but by his standards, it's a living dump of entropy. The scissor should be in the cupboard next to bowls and plates, blazer and coats packed in covers and hung towards the far end and  the shampoos arranged in line by height (increasing or decreasing - yeah atleast I have a choice here). Well, while I am shampooing I am more worried about they burning my eyes rather then their god forsaken height!!

To be honest, I am Intel 4004 when it comes to processing all this information. I completely shut down when such complicated instructions are fired at a rapid rate. His latest policy in the kitchen after washing all the utensils is - instead of putting them on the shelf for drying, rub each one of them with a towel to soak all the water and immediately put them in the cupboard. Where on earth does he gets all these ideas from? Is there a guidebook to "Tips to make your wife go bat crap crazy"?

It took me more than 3 weeks to finally comply. Why... because I am lazy!! :P

I have separate boxes to keep my clothes, paper crafts, books and nail polishes, while he keeps his camera stuffs far far away from my reach. He is forever scared of me messing his painstakingly done arrangements. The days I make paper crafts are the days of his eternal pain. We have carpet floor and pieces of paper tend to stick to it. I could feel his eyes watching me, and with each piece of paper falling on the carpet, I could hear him wince. Of course I have to clean up, brush the carpet and put things exactly where they were.

The only time I am inspired to fold and refold the clothes is when the internet the down. I even found the perfect gift for this birthday, the clean freak house slippers :P Need to find a store that sells them.

Are you too living with a clean freak?

All pictures - courtesy Pinterest, Tumblr, Google

Friday, September 5, 2014

That Asian-Eyed Girl

I spent my early childhood in Jhasi (MP) and Ambala (Haryana), and yet I had never felt any different. The art of defining people by their exterior features was never my forte. Maybe because I was always the odd one out. Not that I am complaining. I loved the attention, after all I was the darling of the party and everyone would pinch my cheeks and call me Oshin. 

I thought Oshin was some Haryanvi word for cute :P untill I realized it was a Japanese Serial telecast on DD1. 

{If only I had that much of an eyebrow. My eyebrows do a disappearing act in photos}

I have studied in Army Schools and Kendriya Vidhyalayas, where my classmates hailed from different parts of the country. I don't remember anyone pointing at my eyes and asking where's the rest of it. {Maybe because I was class topper and , well, no one messes with the class topper} :) On serious note, I never felt any different from my Keralite friend or my UP-wali friend. To top it all, I had a Hati (meaning Elephant) in my name, glaring at me from every notebook. Yet my schooldays were just as normal as any other Indian kid.

So why is it that when I grew up and started working, all of a sudden I started feeling that maybe I was different. 

Did my eyes shrink a size or did people around me find me so dazzling that they couldn't help staring at my beautiful face? :P  

Imagine Jackie Chan introducing himself as Ashwiniranjan Subramanium , that too in a place like Chennai. It's actually funny to see the reaction every time I introduced myself as Rajlakshmi. Or the surprise that my Hindi is accent-proof. 

It's strange how as kids we were never judgemental but after growing up, our minds became narrow like the lanes of Chandni Chowk.

People have asked me weird questions, no doubt, but maybe I am a little tolerant when it comes to ignorance. I have always explained, shown them pictures, and no matter how bored they looked, given a lecture on Ahom Dynasty and my ancient roots. 

Ahoms are descendent of ethinic Tai people that accompanied Prince Sukapha, of a province which is now in China. There are over 2 Million Ahoms in India {see I could just get started anywhere} 

It's been a year in Sydney, and it seems I am back to my schooldays. I don't feel different any more. It's disappointing sometimes that people don't stop and glance twice at me :P , but the feeling of being so extraordinarily normal, so comfortable in my surroundings, is amazing. Well, I still have to explain my name and people still give me baffled looks when I explain my Indian ethnicity. Sydney is so multi cultured that you will find people from almost every part of the world.

I fit in fine, I look like a Burmese, a Bhutanese, a Tibetan, a Nepali, an Indonesian, a Korean ... my friends sometimes jokingly call me Miss International. :P

It's easy being the odd one out, the only task is to find one other person who's just as odd, and that my friend, is the toughest task.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The art of Nail Stamping

Hello there :)
I have been doing some nail art stamping experiments off late. My house smells like acetone factory these days and you can find my husband in some corner, praying in vain that some day this addiction will be cured :)

Anyhow, I find nail stamping way easier than designing something from scratch. I bought Nail Stamp kit from Cheeky (Amazon), which included nail stamper/scraper and 10 metal stamp plates, for just 6$ (quite a deal huh). Apart from that I got 3 stamp plates from Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Here's how you go about it. This is a wonderful tutorial by IWYP

Here's the result of my experiments. :)

I used - Nail polishes by Sally Hansen, Revlon Top Coat and Ultra 

(I seriously need to stop chewing the skin off my thumb!! Gosh how ghastly!!)

Hope you guys liked the post and found it informative. Try out and don't forget to share your nail designs with me :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

10 Nonsensical Chatter on FB

I planned to write a serious post for "My two cents' worth" prompt by Write Tribe, but then I read my old facebook statuses and thought - Why so serious? :D

Here's my 10 Facebook total bakwas statuses, that I still enjoy reading :D

Murphy's law of kitchen - thou eyes shall start itching the moment thee finish chopping chilies.

I need some serious treatment... for capturing Gophers and harvesting Magic beanstalk right in the middle of the night. Maybe in some parallel universe, there's a saner version of me, But then, what's life without being whimsy #FarmvilleAddict

Feeling insanely positive today { maybe I should stop smiling alone, people are throwing weird looks } (written on my birthday)

Just when you think that you have learnt every little thing that life could teach, realization dawns and you find yourself watching videos on - "How to pack a suitcase efficiently?". #Mummyyyyyyyy  (days before relocating to Sydney)


Now that I think of it, I stopped watching cricket when cricketers started becoming younger than me

Ahhh the scent of peanuts in my bank account!!! Nauseating #incentive

I know it isn't cool, on the boderline of being a fool, but I end up pushing the door, wen there's written Pull #mantallythesick

Andheri Raat k 12 baje, with stiff neck n sleepy eyes I gaped at the 4 bright shooting stars and 2 really fast ones! that too within 20min. #geminidshowers

Ok I tried sweeping the floor and got bitten by big black bee, tried doing d dishes, broke d glass! Seriously, I dnt reject work, they reject me

{and my favorite status, written few months before the wedding :) }

Marriages are made in Heaven, Bills are paid on earth !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sibling Effect - Men without Sisters

"Look, I don't need suggestions ... Just listen and nod your head... ok!!", I would say after doing an exasperated facepalm.
"How am I supposed to know that. I didn't grow up with girls!!", he would try to defend himself, with that mischievous grin of his.

This got me thinking, am I the only one who feels that it's excruciatingly painful to explain the simplest of girly-thing to a guy who grew up with brothers and no sisters. 

I have to make him sit down, literally pat his head and then explain that I don't like playing boxing all the time, so stop punching my shoulders.
To which he would often retort,"Kiya karu ...I grew up like that ." He is the youngest of three brothers and seems they expressed their love by kick-boxing. 

Imagine, the whole day you are curled up like a tortoise due to stomach cramps, and you have  finally found a position that somewhat relieves the pain. With that state of mind, try explaining this to your Mr Ignorant, who at regular interval would pop his head and ask ,"Soti rahogi kiya sara din!!" (Will you be sleeping the whole day?). Those with some patience can even attempt explaining, I on the other hand would throw a pillow and howl,"Go away". He thinks the hormones effect my mental health too, because my most favorite expressions during those times are :

And feminine hygiene products extort exact reactions from him.
Sometimes I feel a part of his brain is emotionally underdeveloped. Else why would he make me watch all the sequels of SAW, one after another? He even tried to keep my eyes open during those gory scenes.

The other day I had worn a new dress and I asked him to take a picture of me. I wanted to see how the dress would look in pictures. Now this is an extremely normal behavior among girls. Sisters and Room-mates have been doing this since ages. But I spent half an hour trying to explain why I needed the picture and why the mirror wasn't enough. Sometimes I feel so emotionally exhausted answering all his Why's and What's.

Take for instance - shoes. A week ago I gave him a lecture on types of shoes. There are office shoes, friday shoes, glam shoes, go-to-grocery shoes, workout shoes, rainy day shoes etc etc. I am pretty sure my brother doesn't need any tutorial as my sister and I taught him pretty well, :) but I have to explain it to my dear hubby that most girls are crazy about their shoes, so asking them why they are buying a new pair is extremely illogical.

I am infact thinking of writing a manual for him, along with troubleshooting tips. Tell me, please tell me that I am not the only one.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My 12 Most Favorite Fun Activities

One of the personality traits that I inherited from my Dad is - I can't stay idle. It takes herculean effort for me to sit at one place and do nothing. I am always upto something. Like a machine. I even tried meditating once, but as the fate may be, in my mind I could see words being typed, about a story I had planned to write. {facepalm}

If you are bored and looking for some new hobby, here's a list of my 12 most favorite fun activities. I hope you find something of your liking.

1) Travel Photography
Travel-bug bit me when I was little. Dad had a transferable job, so I got to live in different parts of India. I never fail to brag about the fact that I have changed 9 schools (no I wasn't kicked out :P ) Today I enjoy being a travel blogger and photographer.This Twinkle Eyed Traveller loves to capture the essence of a city through words and lens. Facebook Page.

2) Paper Craft
3D Quilling and 3D Origami - It's amazing how a piece of paper can be transformed into something so creative and beautiful. Ever tried paper quilling!! Go for it, you gonna love it.
I share my paper pagalpan at The Art of Folding a Paper.

3) Reading
Ebooks are for train-reading, standing-in-long-queue-reading and awkward-situation-acting-busy-reading. Paperbacks for night-reading, (killing cockroaches and showcasing handmade bookmarks) There's always something for every occasion. :)

4) Writing
Whether I am kicking my own a$$ through anecdotes or publishing tear-jerking short fictions, writing is my passion. Not just digitally, but in journals and diaries too. Am I vain when I say that I love the curves of my handwriting? :P
You can read all my work here

5) Nail Art
I am crazy about nail polish and nail art. I change them every week, a chipped nail irks me like the sound-of-sandpaper-against-the-wall. Here's a glimpse of my Chronicles of messy nails.

6) Hiking/Bushwalking
On sunny summer weekends, along with my hubby, I love going on long coastal walks, bush walking, hiking and exploring the nature. Keeps my body fit and mind fresh.

7) Sudoku
Can't read a newspaper without finishing the Sudoku section. It's addictive and I do it because it makes me feel intelligent :P well one needs proof sometimes, you know!! :P

8) Shape Poetry
Girl, moon, pendulum or flowers - I love arranging my poetry in the shape of the subject. They are the highlight of my poetry blog

9) Dancing
It's been a long long time since I have been up on stage, but the passion never dies. Ever since I saw the Nagada song, I am dying to master those steps. Not to forget that it's an awesome workout too.

10) Zentangle
This is a fairly new hobby which I am working on after being inspired by Kathy and Laurel's beautiful creations. Here's two of my messed up doodles.

11) Workout
I am a lazy foodie, who constantly needs a nudge - like a new dress that no longer fits, to make run around the park like a crazy-woman-with-a-mission. I love working out in the confines of my living room, mixing youtube videos of Jillian and some power workouts.

12) Cooking
I am a disaster-maker in the kitchen, but unfortunately, that never stopped me!! I even started baking recently, which by the way is no good :P But I can dish out a delicious egg curry and creamy white pasta :D

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