Thursday, January 22, 2015

Burp Push Lunge Plank !

So my hubby decided to cleanse his body with vegetable and fruit juices for a couple of days, without eating any solid food.
One evening, holding a bottle of carrot and Kale juice, he walks into the kitchen, watches me preparing my dinner and asks,"Why don't you support me in my Juice regime".

"Whatever makes you think I don't support you", I replied, aghast at this baseless accusation, while flipping the chicken piece over the pan.

****** *******

I kept aside a bowl of cherries, strawberries and yogurt, to tempt me into finishing off the 5 minutes plank challenge. That challenge btw is killing!! 5 minutes feel like a gazillion years.

Within 3 minutes my arms were screaming for help. Gosh why do they have to make it so tough. 

Anyway, even after 2 attempts I couldn't complete the challenge. I looked at the bowl of delicious delight staring at me from the kitchen table. It was the time to showcase extreme will power and courage. A nerve-wracking moment testing my whole being... I stared back ... and then ... what the hell! I got just one life. And with that I poured the whole thing in a blender and drank the lip-smacking smoothie. Yummy!! 

My body must be oozing with antioxidants as these days I am going gung-ho on blackberry and blueberry smoothies.

If you are looking for a way to lose that extra abdominal fat and tone the abs, do planks. They make my fat cells cry. I am slowly progressing into a state when I don't have to hold my breath and tuck in my tummy for photographs.

The pain from the initial days of workout has subsided. I could visit the loo without mouthing any expletives. :)

All these workouts make me regret my days of lunches at KFC and McD. Here I see young girls running around the park , one round after another, while I would be holding a tree, trying to breath again. I wish I could run. I wish I had taken better care of myself.

Anyway, it's fun beating Monday blues at the office with a brand new dress, in a brand new size :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zentangle - Quote

“Do I dare, disturb the universe?
 In a minute there is time 
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.” ― T.S. Eliot 

I am in love with these verses. Ever since I read them, I knew I have to write them down and put it on my table. "Do I dare, disturb the universe?" Doesn't it sound challenging? Like it's inspiring you try out new things, daring you to change move out of the comfort zone and explore the uncharted horizons.

Here's the first zentangle of the year. Made good use of my Sharpie :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Never-ending Winter

He could never forgive her for leaving him. How he had pleaded! How angry he was! How she refused his only wish!

It was during the fourth month of pregnancy when the count of her white blood cells rose and she lost her remission. He tried being supportive yet after every appointment with the doctor, he felt emptiness closing upon him.

Holding the little fingers of his daughter, he had watched life seep away from his wife.

The first blooms of spring had blossomed outside. But inside his heart, today was just another sepia coloured day, of a never-ending winter.

100 Words Story 

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

**My respect for women fighting Leukaemia increases many fold when they decide to bring a baby into this world by risking their lives. They stop the medication as it is harmful for the foetus. It is likely that they would lose their remission in 9 months. Some successfully go back to remission after taking medicine for 3 -4 months. I always have to reach for tissues reading their success stories. 

Linking to Wordy Wednesday (Never-ending Winter)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Online Shopping - Tips,Tricks and Review

Disclaimer: This post is based on the products I bought, which were quite inexpensive. Also I didn’t buy any electrical or electronic item. 
I wasn't paid to do this review. I am doing it because I liked the items.

With the online shopping scene filled with fraud retailers and bad customer service, it is up to the consumer to investigate and research about the sites they are planning to shop from. While in India, I heavily relied on Flipkart, Homeshop18, Jabong and Myntra to cater to my shopping needs, which included books, clothes, papercrafts items and shoes.

Of late, I am very impressed by the prices in EBay and Aliexpress. Sometimes it is hard to believe that Aliexpress is actually selling items at such a ridiculously low price. There are so many bad reviews floating around about the web that I was very sceptical at first. But let me tell you - the site is not a fraud. And I am typing this wearing a top bought from AliExpress.

Shoes, watch, dresses, belts, skirts, purse - I have bought a total of 17 items from AliExpress. Except one instance, when I didn't like the material, all the products are stylish and look great. They are my office clothes now. Picking a product ain’t a cakewalk. You need to spend time, lot of time.

 This is my favorite dress from AliExpress :D 
{Couldn't figure out where to put my logo so I just placed it on my face :P}

After hours and hours of scanning and scrolling through the list, reading about the seller, adding and removing products, it usually takes me a month to finalize my cart. 

So this is what I usually do.

Product Selection
I always go for Korean items. With my experience I felt their products are fashionable and the size fits me really well. Usually while searching in AliExpress I would add keywords like Korean Shoes, Korean dresses etc. Once you have picked a product, check the feedback section, the star ratings and how many of those items have been sold. I always select a shop where the number of sold items is higher. Same applies to EBay. Never forget to check the star ratings on the shop.
Spend some time looking at the detailed picture of the product. No picture means no shopping from that seller. I spend time looking at the picture and imagining how it would look on my body type.

This is some seriously tricky business. Asian sizes one size smaller than what we regularly wear. For example if you wear Medium (US/UK), go for Large or sometimes X-large. I am 5'3 and generally wear AUS 8/10 (US-6/8),that means I end up ordering Large. Look carefully at the size chart provided along with the product. If your size exactly matches the limits, then go for a bigger size.

Another factor is length. Now Korean girls are usually petite. The t-shirt that ends up at their hips might end up at your waist. So be very careful at the choice of the clothing. This usually happens with tight fitting clothing. Same goes for the dresses. Look where the hem falls on the model and you will have a pretty good idea on how short it's going to be.

EBay is faster than AliExpress. Be very very patient. I live in Sydney, so most of the products from AliExpress take about a month to be delivered. It is very easy to keep a track of the product through the site. Also you can always write a message to the seller asking them about the delivery. The ones I had to deal with were very sweet and would answer back almost immediately. I received the products within the timeframe of 15 days to 45 days of buying.
The products from Ebay are usually delivered within 15 days.

I had bought Camera equipments and mug from EBay. My husband is quite happy with them.
As I said except one dress, I am very happy with the rest of the products. The dress I am talking about was quite cheap and the material very poor, with no lining cloth. But with that price, I didn't expect much. 
Remember, sometimes the dresses come without an inner lining skirt. Wear a slip if you feel uncomfortable.
The rest of the products are amazing. This is what I bought till now - 2 shoes, 1 watch, 1 sling bag, 1 skirt, 2 papercraft items, 4 dresses, 3 belts and 3 tops.

I will be posting my review on the products I bought, so that you guys can have a better idea on how they look in real.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Snail Slime Beauty Regime

In an ideal world, if I had been living an ideal life, eating proper food maybe I didn't have to fear so much about under eye dark circles and crow's feet, or dry hay like hair. But as the 30's are closing upon me, I already see strands of grey hair peeking out of my crown. The lines under my eyes raises few more lines on my forehead.

But what to do, blame the books. Why do they have to be so interesting that I have to stay up till early morning to finish them. Not to forget the years of ridiculous amount of KFC and McD that I fed my body, which turned into stubborn lower abdominal fat that I am trying hard to shed. One cannot make up for all the lack of nutrition in one day.

I had started making huge improvements in my life since last year. From proper sleep hours (which I still struggle to manage) to eating healthy food, cutting down junk succesfully and adding an exercise regime to my lifestyle. 

Weekends are for beauty and I always try to go natural using homemade products. 
It starts with layering my hair with avocado paste. I love eating avocados, in my confusion to whether eat them on put them on my head, I end up doing both. Not a pleasant sight I tell you :P

Then in delicate moves, a paste of Besan mixed with turmeric and lime is applied on the face. While it dries, I scrub the dead skin off my feet. A paste of Baking soda with milk is rubbed on knees and elbows to get rid of dark patches.

Yup no wonder I look like an amusement piece. 

Today was no different. Except after washing everything off, I started a new snail slime beauty regime. No No don't start puking yet :P It's a huge beauty fad in Korea and from what I have read, the snail extracts help removing acne and are extremely effective. I have been looking for them in all stores, but got them today at a huge discount from a smal AHA stall. Jackpot!!

Image - Google

So I applied a snail extract eye patch for 30 minutes, then a snail face mask for another 30 minutes. In between I updated Facebook with my new find which makes me feel like I am the queen of Ewww :P Then I finished off the process with a snail extract moisturizer. All the products are from Tony Moly.

Image - Google

Today was the first day and I seriously hope I don't start looking like a snail from tomorrow :P But will keep you guys updated if it was all worth it :) 

Friday, January 9, 2015


Sofia hurriedly strapped the seat-belt around her son. She had packed her luggage as fast as possible, while her drunk husband lay motionless.
“Where are we going Mommy”, her little boy asked.
“To where we belong”.
She drove past a familiar sign, the road she had taken long ago as a newlywed bride.
Last night thunderstorm that muffled his cries, had reduced to a drizzle now.

Afar, the sun was slowly climbing up the sky, the rain-drenched rays forming a rainbow. Sofia slowly ruffled her son’s hair and smiled, for she knew - no one would be coming after them.

100 Word Story

Prompts - Rainbow by Wordy Wednesday
Picture prompt by Friday Fictioneers

Monday, January 5, 2015

First Day of Workout! Phew!

Vacations over, it's time to face life again :P

The holidays left quite an impression on me, specially the extra layer of holiday happiness that accumulated after slamming down all my favorite fried foods and cheese. I knew it was time to get back to routine when the happiness started stuffing out of my jeans. But after 20 days of merrymaking, my body was ridiculously stubborn.

Filled with ohh-yeah-I-am-gonna-kill-this-workout kind of enthusiasm I started my warm up. Within 7 minutes I was gasping for breath. One hand on stomach, other holding the chair, I watched the lady in the video going on about how she loves summer coz it's bikini time, smiling and working out her thighs, while I was wheezing like a donkey.

Took me a while to start breathing like a human again... I mean from the nose.

Next I got down on floor to do some crazy abs stuff. This one was pretty simple - lie on the floor, lift legs and move them in circular motion. Easy enough!?! I made a perfect circle in the first attempt, the rest were rhombus, triangle and parallelogram. After which my legs were lying perpendicular to each other.

Time for some leg drops I thought. Bad idea, I realized soon. Lying down, legs together and straight, I lifted and dropped them, without touching the ground. After five drops, my legs decided to comfortably remain in 'dropped' position. Yes, I could actually feel my abs burning with intensity of greatest measure.

Dayum Pinterest!! for making it look like a cakewalk.

My husband passed by, opened the fridge, took out an ice cream and then went back to his movie marathon, flexing his muscles, happily licking the delicious chocolaty layer, filled with vanilla flavored cream and crunchy nuts. 

Focus ... focus ...

If you wanna know how 30 secs could feel like a year - Do Planks. Whoever invented this must be experimenting on time and Relativity or was hell bent on dissuading people from toning their abs.

I thought of finishing with mountain climbing and burpees, but courage had long fled my heart.

It's been three days and I could manage a few burpees without falling flat on the carpet. My two packs are actually visible ... or maybe that's belly fat in some twisted shape. Can't distinguish much !! 


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Friday, January 2, 2015

What was I upto?

Wish you all a beautiful and adventurous New Year :)
I am back after 8 days of being on road, crossing over 2500km. 

This has been an exciting trip. We braved all flavours of season- from hot summer morning to blinding afternoon rains, cold chilly nights to pleasant evenings. But here I am ... all in one piece ... though with hair that's all over my head in odd shapes, skin that has taken a strange color and feet dry like desert. Yet I relish the learning and experience, to have an opportunity to feel what our marvelous nature has to offer.

I spent the last few days of 2014 amidst beautiful furry creatures, (that's Arthur the Deer, who thinks he is a Kangaroo. :) He was hand-reared at Birdland Animal Park, Batemans Bay, along with an ophan Kangaroo)

Stunning sunsets, admiring black swans in their natural habitat 

and watching winding coastlines of Great Ocean Road, disappear into the forest. 

I am pretty sure you will be hearing a lot of my chattering on the trip for the next couple of weeks. You have been warned :P

And this isn't even the best part.

While driving to Melbourne, on the way a Sunday Market caught our eye. We were famished, so we decided to stop and grab a bite. But soon I was lost in exploring the small stalls set up by the local residents. It was then I came across this awesome deal on books. Each for a dollar. Unbelievable right!! Look at my haul.

As soon as I saw Patricia Cornwell, I just grabbed the whole section :P

Now my only trouble is, how am I going to finish reading all of them!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Season of Celebration

It's the season of celebrations again!! Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :) Today is the beginning of shutdown period for many offices in Sydney, including mine. So no one's surprised that I am jumping up and down in my house, cooking Egg Biriyani and even washed my dress with shampoo because I was too lazy :P Yeah the festivities are going over my head. 

The past few days my workplace was more of a fun place. Christmas celebrations were in full swing. The cubicles were creatively decorated with christmas decorations and people wondering what to gift to their Secret Santa partner.

Can you believe that this fireplace is only made of cardboard box and paper? It looked so increadible. The fire is the computer monitor with a video of fire playing on it. I was totally amazed by the idea and creativity.

Look at all the gifts under the Christmas tree.

I received this beautiful hairclip from my Secret Santa, till now I have no clue who he/she is. 

And then I gorged on this delicious chocolates that my teammate received from her Secret santa.

Once all the gifts were given and opened and relished, we all head towards Signorelli Gastronomia where the Office Christmas Party was organized. There's a crazy story behind my dress, but that's for another post.

Ahh they don't even wait for me to pose :P

I wish you all lots happiness this festive season. See you all on the other side.
Till then, 'Hum hai rahi pyar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte'

Monday, December 22, 2014

Are you a Destiny's Child?

The holiday season is here and I have been swamped with things to do. From planning the road trip to complete my reading list, playing Table tennis at work to entering Christmas giveaways, catching up with friends to getting my hair ready for the new year. 

Yup swamped!! I have already decided the Zentangle projects I will be doing next year. For now, here’s a Zentangled Typography I made on a late summer night.

My sister calls me Destiny’s Child – the blessed one, and that’s how this blog got its name. I don’t know how to put it subtly - I always got what I want, anything (touchwood)…. BUT NEVER for FREE. Luck doesn’t favour me much, favoritism would never be my cup of tea, all I have is Hard-Work. And good fortune follows those who work hard. Invest in your passion with time and perspiration, and you could be the Destiny’s Child.

The only time I had desperately prayed to God and asked something for myself was 17 years ago when Akshay Kumar’s “Mai Khiladi Tu Anari” was released in a nearby cinema hall. Naah, Dad didn’t allow us to watch. After that all I pray for is the well-being of my family (and sometimes World Peace :) ) . In college I used to see my friends fasting on Mondays or Thursdays to please the God to grant them their wish.

I never understood that concept. If I want something, I will get it myself, why ask someone else.

I am grateful for the endless encouragement of my loved ones. They keep me striving for best even for a goal as simple as Washboard Abs. Besides, I love striking out things from my to-do list. If you are a list-o-maniac, you would understand the sheer joy and rush of adding a little tick against things-to-do. Though I am known to lose my concentration easily, but once it gets into my to-do list, there will a tick against it sooner or later. The split personality of Gemini sometimes play havoc inside my mind.

I do try hard to never let a dull moment seep inside my life. Afterall, it’s either this life or none at all.

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