Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bright and Beautiful - Quilling Frame

Paper Quilling had always been one of my weekend activities, if I am staying home, but not on the day of applying nail polish. Nah you don't mix manicures and paper works :) I love making frames with heart. Somehow that gives me liberty to make everything colorful and bright. Like these!! I just rolled whatever color my hands could lay on.

The final look.

A lot of my inspiration comes from Pinterest. It's a big store house of creativity.

If you are interested in Quilling check out the below links where I have shared tips and few tutorials.

Here are few Quilling Tips to get you started - Quilling Tips
My 3D Quilling Collection - Quilling Miniatures
Here's a Tutorial on how to make leaves - Quilling Leaves 
Tutorial on making flower - Quilling Orchid Tutorial

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Friday, February 20, 2015

5 things I got from

As promised, here's a list of things I bought from . I can understand that many buyers are apprehensive while shopping online, and it is quite natural to question the genuinity of stores in this age of fraud and scams. Do check out the tips, tricks and Review I shared on online shopping last month. 

I love the collection at Aliexpress and the ridiculously cheap prices often make me stare hard at the screen, blinking and wondering, if it's really possible. The icing on the cake is - Free Shipping!! Yeayiee!!

The drawback of buying at Aliexpress is the long shipping period, which can range from 15 -45 days. So if you have all the time in the world to receive a product, go for it. 

Shoulder Bag - $10.99

Creamy White with golden chain, looks chic either with dress or a pair of blue jeans, though I am vary of putting too many things inside it.

Pointed Toe High Heel $25.26

I have saved it for special occasions like parties and get-together as 3 inch heel isn't really a good choice of footwear while running after the train, every morning. Good material, stylish and strong built.

Pumps with bow-knot $14.99

They look cute with dresses and skirts. I often wear them while travelling or going out for grocery shopping. The material is soft but tends to make sweaty feet like mine sweat even more. 

Kimio Stainless Steel Watch $4.34

I have no idea whether Kimio is a brand or a type of fish, but I received heaps of compliments on the watch. Inexpensive and fashinable!! what else you need :) It perfectly fits my wrist too. 

Quilling Strips (3 Packs) - total $10.26

Those who follow my blog would realize my obsession for papercrafts. After relocating to Sydney I ran out of materials and was looking for reasonably priced quilling strips. It was then I came across Aliexpress and, infact, this was the first order I had placed. 

Have a look at what I made out of those paper strips :)

Being short and having small feet, I could hardly find anything of my choice at malls or local shops. It was when I was on the verge of looking like a homeless person did I start my desperate attempts to find clothes online. Online shopping does take fare amount of research and carefulness, but till now (fingers crossed) I am happy with my buys,

I hope this post was helpful. I got few more items and will be blogging about it soon.
Stay tuned!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Eternal Girl - Yoga Necklace

Last week I received a beautiful handcrafted necklace by Julia Toussaint. I have been following her designs since last year. It was while participating in one of the giveaways that I came across her Facebook Page . I loved the intricate henna inspired jewellery and gifts that she sells at her Etsy shop, named Eternal Girl, where you can even customize your orders.

I am so impressed by her Yoga and Meditation collection, specially this Camel Yoga Pose necklace that I had selected for myself. Now that I have started practicing yoga again, I thought why not I get into some Yoga Fashion groove. :)

And off we went, my husband and I, for a Yoga Photoshoot. :) I know I know, I can't seem to stop talking about it. After my first try at Sunrise Yoga Photos, I am quite obsessed with this whole business. Mostly because it make me feel so rejuvenated and happy.

Eternal Girl Yoga Pose Necklace, with a Wild Thing ;)

Hey I could do a Camel Pose too :D
I ordered a 24 inch long necklace, which can be mixed and matched with almost any style of dressing. 

My second favorite is her Pop culture series. Don't they look funky and cool!!

These necklaces could be wonderful gift for your girl friends too. Eternal Girl has a wide range of collection and you could choose anything matching your personality or hobbies of your friends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3D Origami Heart Tutorial

What's love if I need an occasion to celebrate it. Isn't it? Like me, many believe in the celebrating love every single day. Once I had secretly placed munchies in my hubby's office bag and then called him up the next day, asking him to check the pocket. That laughter and happiness was absolutely priceless. 

And it's even more personalized if you have made something with your own hands, struggling to keep the pieces in place, wondering which one goes where, calculating how many more pieces you need, with fingers laced in glue and bits of paper, you create something purely out of love. 

I made this a couple of years back. Had to improvise a lot and it was extremely painful to keep everything intact. But the admiration I received was worth all the struggle.

If you are looking forward to make something special, here's  a step by step instructions to make this 3D origami heart.

The below picture shows how to fold triangles - Golden venture Folding

From a single A4 size paper, 32 such pieces can be made.

I used around 200 such pieces. All created from A4 size printed paper, which I had colored red using crayons. Yeah it's a lot of work. If you have colored paper handy, use that. I feel, the steps would be more easier to follow if you have some experience in creating 3D Origami, but there's no reason why you can't start making one today :)

From step 1 to 5, keep on adding  pieces, increasing one piece with each level as shown. 

In step 6, leave the center while keep adding pieces on either side. So in total you will be adding 6 pieces.
After this level, you need to add 6 pieces at every level, till it forms a shape as shown in picture.

Step 10 is quite tricky, insert the open ends on right side marked 1,2,3 into the pockets on left side marked 1,2,3. If your pieces are coming out, stick them with a glue. 

After that press the module in shape.

Click on the image for better view

For more - check out my FB page The Art of folding a Paper

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Travails of a Kohl eyed Girl

Those who swear by the Kajal in their eyes would know how ridiculous it feels to step out of the house without applying a decent amount of Kohl.

My experiments with liquid eyeliner have always ended up with me looking like a rabid racoon. 

Image Google

And being Asian eyes doesn’t help either. Years ago, when I still ignorant of any beauty hack, I used to bribe my roommates to apply the liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelids. Then I would sit under the fan with closed eyes, waiting for it to dry. Taking it off was just as messy. I have scared many a girl in the silent hallways of my hostel, with blackened eyes and hip length untied hair.

My first Kohl was a brilliant brownish one by Oriflame, which I had flicked from my younger sister’s beauty bag. (Yeah that’s what sisters do) But then the damn company stopped its production for whatever god forsaken reason. It was then my battle began, to find the one perfect Kohl that would make my slit eyes as lit up like Diwali.

I have flipped through numerous local shops, chandelier lit posh malls and even online stores. Infact I have invested more money in buying Kajal, than spending on something more sensible, like a good pair of Bata chappal. You name it, and I have tried it.

Image - Google

Blame the structure of my eyes, I would reach the party looking like a Princess and in an hour somehow I would turn into a terrifying Goth girl, with dark smears all around my eyes. Frequenting the restroom was just as common, not because I had a bladder dysfunction, but because my kohl would leak beyond the boundaries of my eyes.

And then came along Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate costing Rs 700. It caused a huge dent in my pocket but my eyes had never felt so much beautiful. In fact the Kohl was so long lasting that I had to apply dollops of baby oil to remove it at the end of the day. Ahh those days, I was head over heels in love.

Window to the Soul :) These are my Lakme Eyes :P

But good days don’t last long. I moved to Sydney and again started from scratch, the never-ending saga of finding the perfect Kohl. Surrounded by strange shop with stranger brands, I was lost, desperately tugging to the last remnants of my Kajal. After months of research and watery eyes, I chanced upon a Korean store and picked an eyeliner by a company with a name as scandalous as Scandal Cosmetics. Tang!!! Perfect match. 

The Scandal in my eyes :P
 I am in love again!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Serves Right!

“Oh god why did he have to stop me now”, Meeta thought helplessly. She was rushing out of the cubicle when her Manager called out her name.

“I hope you realize the urgency of the report”, he said dispassionately, “I don’t care how long it takes.” It was way past 9 pm.

She could feel the acid slowly rising from her hungry stomach.

 “I am doing my best”, she replied, trying to control her squeamishness.

“Best is not enough”

That’s it! And with that she spewed out the burning bile along with whole lot of other liquid, drenching her manager.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sunrise Yoga Photoshoot

"I am not strong for a girl, I am just strong" 

I follow a dozen of yoga girls on instagram. Those incredibly fit and strong ladies keep inspiring me to meet my fitness goals. I regret giving up yoga after joining college. That was 10 years ago. Today, I am running a race again time to attain the same flexibility. And boy it's tough!! 

As soon as the weekend arrives, I wake up my husband at 4:30 am (waking is an understatement :P ), make him drive 25 km to watch sunrise at Clovelly Beach. It had been my dream to be photographed like a silhouette against the rising sun. In case you haven't read about this new obsession of his - read Husband Histrionics

On the first day I tried few simple yoga poses as I had just started my practice and didn't want to fall off the cliff with a pulled muscle. 

Camel or Utrasana pose

Dancer's Pose or Natarajasana

Last week was pretty awesome as the waves were super high, reaching heights higher than the cliff where I was standing. I so wish I was in the position when the waves hit. 

Warrior III or Virbhadrasana III

 I came across the Wild Thing pose while looking for Yoga photo-shoot ideas and was quite intimidated by it. It was only when I started Vinyasa flow I realized how easily you can get into this position. After much practise, here it is. I love how it opens up, like a blooming flower. So artistic!!

Camatkrasana or Wild Thing Pose

Tree pose or Vrkasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose B or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana B
Behind the scenes - these waves chased me around, drenched me while I was standing in the Tree Pose, and my darling of a husband didn't even warn me, maybe seeking revenge for waking him up at unearthly hour, that too on a weekend. But since he is an early rise, he didn’t complain much. 

I try to add Yoga in my fitness regime atleast twice a week, most days it’s cardio and core. Since I don’t go to gym and have a tendency to get bored easily, I have to keep looking for motivation. 

I have a long long longgggg way to go before I even start attempting headstands. Frankly, it scares the hell out of me. And to top it all, my show off of a husband does handstands like it’s a child play. And he knows no humility, keeps taunting me whenever I am against the wall, pondering whether to raise the left leg first or right. Hmmpphh!!!!

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Friday, January 30, 2015

That 5 point something Girl !

The top shelf of the kitchen has always been elusive to me. It's my hubby's turf, a space assigned to him for his camera equipment and other 'allegedly secret' stuffs. More so because he knows I am too lazy to climb the stove and ransack his treasure cove. Most days I have to improvise with a pointe position on pointed heels to retrieve plates from the top shelves of the office kitchen, ending up making all sorts of clanking clinking sounds.

Yes, welcome to the world of Short Girls.

I am 5 point something. In the sea of 6 feet'ers I spend each day trying not to get squashed between long legs. Others have bad hair days, I have flat shoe days - the days when all my heels collectively decide to smell like rotten eggs and I am left with no option but to wear flats. That's when I play Gulliver and Lilliputs on Sydney streets, watching belt buckles and shirt pockets, trying to keep my eyes way above the waist.

“So what are you … 5”
“Noooo I am 5’3”
“Well, I ain't see no difference!!”

This short girl comes with small feet too. We all have ogled at gorgeous Italian leather, bejewelled heels, with soft laces, in stunning colours. Guess what! I can never wear them. Never. For whatever god forsaken reason, they are never available in size 5. In this cruel world, only the big feet population is privileged to wear designer shoes. All my footwear has been bought either online or from Chinese shops. All Hail South East Asian manufacturers, O my fashion rescuer!!

I have stopped going to US or Australian fashion clothing stores. Each shopping session is painful and heartbreaking. How could your heart not break when hem of the dress slips beyond the calf, while your husband laughs his guts out!! Pathar dil insaan

The sun shines brighter and the grass greener on the day I find a perfect match.  I literally walk out of the store like this

Ever noticed the Hidimba sized Salwar Kurta in those chandelier lit showrooms? Seriously who buys them!!! I could wear one and hang on the door like curtain; no one would find any difference. I have always pinned to wear the delightful Anarkalis, but then, there’s no love for short girls in fashion industry!! {sigh} 

Since college I have mostly resorted to Bhutan Market and few Bangkok based shops to find a pair of jeans that doesn’t become a pyjama. While here in Syndey, Korean shops have been my saving grace, the only place where I can buy A-line pencil skirts without the fear of it becoming A-line pencil Lungi.
Well, there are perks too, we hardly ever bump our head into anything.

All images - Google

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart - Valentine's Day Quilling

I have been procrastinating this for a long time. There are so many ideas and designs swirling in my hand, but with all the activities going around, I never get enough time or maybe motivation to put my ideas to paper. Thankfully, this was a long weekend. I was done with my travel and reading, so out came the strips and I started working on the Valentine Day's Project.

Have a look at what I made last year - Valentine's Day quilling  and Valentine's Day Heart Tree :)

This is a work in progress. This flower will be joined by few more to result in a frame. I hope I get a suitable wooden frame to hang it on the wall.

Love makes the world go round. All colorful, bright and beautiful, reminding me of all the lovely times :)

You can find more information on my FB page - The art of folding a paper
If you are interested in papercrafts, check out my link - Papercrafts

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