Saturday, November 22, 2014

Are you scared of online abuse?

Let me tell you at the beginning - I am a total Coward!!
Today I was watching videos where Celebrities read the meanest tweets they had received. Well, they handled it pretty gracefully.

I, on the other hand would have been devastated. Honestly, I am scared of online bullying or abusing, so much that I steer clear of writing controversial comments or posting anything that can lead to debate. Infact, if a video's comment section is filled with foul language, I jump out of it. Yeah, I am kind of coward that way, we all know when it comes to the The WEB, no debate is healthy.

Why people jump straight into Fs and Maa Behens is beyond me? A conversation turns into a controversy. The intolerance and maturity level of people appals me when they resort to such language. Snubbing is not same as being witty, Arrogance is not same as Attitude, and being rude just shows incompetence not intelligence.

There was one incident when I had shared a wrong post in one of the Linky blogs. Poets from around the world had taken part and shared their works. The moderator was a very decent guy and I had asked him to remove my link as it didn't match the theme. But one Indian guy left such a rude comment on my blog that I was stunned for while. I am not used to such negativity around me. I replied to him with as much decency as my shocked self could think of. Even though it was a pretty awesome group of poets, I stopped writing for it. Frankly I am not mentally strong to handle rudeness. It leaves a bad taste and I am not ready to savour it.

Flick through any popular share on Facebook, and you will see what I am talking about. I have this bad habit of placing myself in place of the victim. It must be distressing to be called with so many colorful names just for expressing their opinion. I have a huge respect for bloggers who can write and handle controversial topics with grace and little bit of cheekiness. They are like my blogger superheroes. I can't even afford to be their sidekick. God I am such a scared crow!

Face to face, bring on any debate, I will prove my point without killing or staining the English language. It is not necessary that people will have the same opinion as yours, but the art lies in disagreeing and tolerating their thoughts without actually murdering them with F words.

I wonder if I am the only coward here :P Do share your views.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sugar Rush

Reading A Game of Thrones early in the morning is a very very bad idea. The twists, the plots and sudden deaths are so sudden that you are left gaping at the sentence. And my train would stop just when someone important is murdered. All I could do at that point is close my tab and spend the day in utter dismay, eagerly waiting for the evening when I would be able to resume reading. I am pretty sure my death will be brought upon by a writer... while waiting in anticipation.

But today was quite bearable because we had an awesome Bake Sale today. Remember my post on Employee Appreciation Week. This was a part of the celebration. Many employees had baked delicious sweets and savories and all I did was DIG INTO the amazing display. We donated gold coins($1, $2) which will go to Leukaemia Foundation.

I had a chocolate dipped strawberry muffin, chocolate with marshmallows, two spinach ricotta pie and one salty puff. All homemade and might have ten thousand calories. I devoured them one after the another, with green tea, thinking about all the extra crunches and planks.

By afternoon I had a sugar rush. I felt as if sugar was rushing in my veins and sugar syrup threatening to pour out of my eyes. :P Not just me, most of us were scampering for chilly chips and spicy stuffs to counter the effect. My colleagues and I flicked one huge chips packets from a friend's desk and savoured the salty flavour, grinning endlessly.

I did some zentangling on the balloons too.

In case you are wondering, yeah we managed to complete our work too :P

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winding Roads

I am in love with the roads. The miles and miles of long winding roads, rising up and down, and circling the lush green hills. They represent Freedom, sometimes careless and wayward. One of the reasons why I love road trips is I love watching the road ahead. It may sound crazy but I can stare ahead of me for hours and hours on, watching the dividers and white traffic lines zoom past me. Maybe because I don't drive, I just enjoy the views and stick my head out of the window. :P

Recently, I was caught in a fog while traveling to Sydney. It was a perfect sunny day, when suddenly, like a thick smoke the fog appeared. In minutes the visibility reduced considerably. This was the first time I had experienced this. I had only read about the sudden appearance of Fog in Fantasy books. But to actually experience is quite exciting. Well, I guess my husband didn't find it that exciting as he was driving very cautiously and was worried about safety.

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, traveling with us for miles.

The Australian countryside is stunning. I have recently started exploring places outside and around Sydney and I am totally in love with the change in scenary.

These roads invoke a sense of comfort, as if I have numerous choices laid out in front of me. Unforced, unrestricted. The wild wind and swaying trees make me forget all the materialistic pursuits. 

They taunt me to slow down time, taste the air and breathe in the lingering fragrance of Life.

Do you love the road?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cakes and Balloons at Workplace

Can you guess what's going on here?

That's my workplace breakout area. Looks pretty awesome huh? I still can't believe I managed to get some work done today with all this beautiful decoration around me. We are celebrating Employee Appreciation Week at my office. Isn’t it a brilliant idea of celebration :D

Yesterday we were served Hot Coffee in the morning. Today, our cubicles were decorated with balloons and gift bags. I received a navy blue T shirt with the company logo designed on it (fits me like a glove :D ), a portable charger and lots of chocolates. In addition, we had an awesome lunch sponsored by the management, a wide variety of delicacies were laid out for us to munch and relish. Yes cake too. 

There's a flurry of activities planned for the next few days, including Bake Sale, Massage (yes back massage right in our seats) :D and contests.

There's no denying that Employee Care and Appreciation is important for a healthy workplace.

Monday, November 17, 2014

My 3D Quilling Collection

By now you all would have realized my passion towards arty crafty stuffs. In my laptop I have folders after folders on craft inspirations, quilling frames, DIY, nail polish art, zentangles, calligraphy, origami, sketches etc etc. So much to do, so little time!! Sigh!

Anyhow, today I am sharing my favorite 3D quilling models that I have made over the years. 

For more updates don't forget to like my Page - The Art of folding a Paper

Here are few Quilling Tips to get you started - Quilling Tips

Here's a Tutorial on how to make leaves - Quilling Leaves 
Tutorial on making flower - Quilling Orchid Tutorial

Sunday, November 16, 2014

When a Homesick Tangles !!

Family always comes first! Today's zentangle is for homesick souls like me. It's over 20 Months since I saw my family. The longest time I have been away from my Mom and Dad. Although the new life here is super exciting, but at times I long for the familiar company. 

The familiar comfort of my strawberry colored room, my playful labrador Nikki, and the continuous interruption by Mom to drink water. I miss coaxing my sister to cook continental dishes and arguing with my brother over little things. I miss the evenings we had spent on our porch, sipping hot tea, munching Bhajjis and  chatting about everything under the sun.

Sigh!! Good old days!!

Do let me know your thoughts on the Zentangle.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
- Sound of Music
Sound of Music is an absolute delight to watch and this song is one of my favorites. Just love how lively and beautiful it is. Makes me smile everytime.

Talking of Raindrops, here are few pictures I clicked from the car on a stormy rainy day at the beach.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Books on my List

I have already listed the books I read in 2014. My goal was to read atleast 20 , but till now I could manage just 14.

Here's a new list of books I prepared to be completed. Wow I sound so focused!!

A song of Ice and Fire series - George R R Martin

I couldn't watch the popular TV drama A Game of Throne, which is based on the book. Too violent and visually stressful for me. But I would love to read the series. Infact I have already started with the first book.

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers - Grant Naylor
A comedy sci-fi novel, which is lying on my wattpad for the past one year.

PostMortem - Patricia Cornwell 
Impressed by Patricia's thrilling storytelling, I want to read the first book that she authored.

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riorden
Final book in the series of The Heroes of Olympus

Kane Chronicles - Rick Riorden
The fantasy world created by Rick Riorden is compelling, so much that I want to read other series authored by him.

And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Housseini
I know many have already finished reading it, I might be the only one still struggling to fit it in between other novels.

The Bell Jar - Sylvia Path
 Her poetry is thought proving, written with such powerful conviction. I wonder what her book has to offer.
The Day of the Jackal - Frederick Forsyth 
This would be the first book I would read written by the author.

The Time Traveller's wife - Audrey Niffenegger
All the booklovers out there, please don't kill me when I say that this curious cat had already read the storyline in wiki. (I could hear a collective gasp). So now I am even more intrigued to read the book, atleast before watching the movie.

The fault in our stars - John Green
The whole world is crying buckets after watching the movie. Almost every teenage girl out here is carrying this book. The song is absolutely beautiful. So yeah I can't be any more motivated to read the book.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Credit Card Fraud Transaction - Resolved !!

I have been itching to write this post since last week but was waiting for the final confirmation, which I received today. Remember my post on fraud transaction of around Rs 37000 on ICICI credit card. It's RESOLVED, in my favour. Yeayieeee!!!

I found out that all the three transactions had taken place in Spain. I had never left the country when it happened.

ICICI has waived the amount and will return the extra interests and late fines too, which makes it a total of Rs 41K. I am extremely grateful to all the people who poured in suggestions and advices, especially to ProActive Indian who finally showed me the right path.

Tonnes of Thanks to Moneylife Foundation as well, as I took their assistance by writing to them and submitting my grievance on their helpline site. I thank senior management of ICICI bank for their support in resolving this issue.

To be frank I thought I was fighting a lost battle because although there were many such complaints on the web, I couldn't find a single case which was resolved in favour of the customer. But, I wasn't ready to be just another victim of online crimes.

I am feeling so relieved, and proud too. Somehow this incident has strengthened my believe that if you think you have been wronged, keep fighting for your right. If I could get this resolved, while living abroad, without a single phone call, you could too. :)

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