Thursday, August 27, 2015

Don't think I can walk anymore !!

Today was cake-day at the office. Four different delicious cakes !! And my lunch consisted of buttered pulao and chicken curry, which I had prepared (surprisingly, without any disaster) for dinner the previous night.

So today, as soon as I got home, I killed myself on the mat, with these workouts!!

I am a huge fan of Cassey's videos and absolutely love her energy and moves. When I am not doing yoga, I try to build a stronger core and make some fat cells cry.

If you survive this, hop on to next routine. I took plenty of rest between reps. My core might just pop out one day and say - Stop this circus.

If you are brave, repeat :)

And then finish off with Planks Challenge!! 

I don't think I can walk anymore!!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Fashion Vashion - 2

The Korean Paper face masks are quite a hit here and on top of that, they are sold at an awesome price. 3 for $5 or 3 for $10 for certain brands. I have experimented with quite a few of them. Don't throw up but I even tried Snail Slime and Placenta Face Mask. Ok yeah that's ewww. The Placenta and Collagen combination didn't suit me at all. A big zit right on my chin is a proof of that. I feel the best ones are those containing fruit extracts and cucumber. They smell delicious (no I didn't eat it),  moisturize your face and you get that incredibly soft feeling after taking them off. I have a dry skin so apart from massaging Rose Hip Oil, I do these Korean Face Mask treatment. Once a week, I mummify my face and then send scary pictures to my Whatsapp group. :P

Didn't I say I don't belong to selfie brigade, well I can be so contradicting.
Sydney is slowly getting warmer, no more freezing mornings, the temperature remains well above 10-15 degree Celsius. That means, I can wear more colors now. If you remember, I had been ranting about my black and grey winter wardrobe, specially for office. With dash of pink and some patterns, I can't wait for the summer.

One of the toughest goals this year was to sport a new hairstyle. All my life I have dreaded leaving my hair untied, they were always too long or too frizzy. Few months back, I took the plunge and snipped 5 inches off. Well, it was actually my husband who had donned the role a hair-stylish and was taking a revenge on all the haircut mishaps I had done on his head. Yup I cut his hair too. Check it out- The Nakhrebaaz Other Half .

My heart was lying on the floor, along with those strands and I cried buckets under the table (you see, that's my sad spot in the house). After overcoming the initial shock and horror, I realized that the hairstyle actually looked good. Way better that before!! And from then on, my hair is always on Airplane mode, flying all over my face as well as the passengers standing behind me. 

Since most mornings I end up running, nah not for fitness but because I am always late for morning meetings, I walk into the office door looking like a homeless person. A reason why I carry a hair serum in my bag. Here I am, checking my hair (in reality, I was just collecting pictures to blog about)


And of course, fitness is always fashionable!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Of Makeshift Gym & Fitness

I am not a Gym person. My last visit was way back in 1994, to Officer's Club gym in Guwahati Army Cantt, where the super smart older girls would spend hours on cycles that don't even move. It was curiosity that had driven me to ride one of them, mostly to figure out how they were different from my beautiful Ladybird that could fly like a sparrow. I was in class 4 then.

These days, I won't even dare. The scary hi-tech machinery with bars and handles and huge wheels looks like Willy Wonka's factory to me. If not anything, I would probably get trapped in one of the conveyor belt-like thingy, screaming for help. Neither do I own gadgets that would track the distance I run, monitor my heartbeat or the calories burnt. I totally understand if you think that even your grandma is more "hip-hop" than me {frankly, even I feel that}. Although, I sure am guilty of sneakily checking my weight on bathroom scales sold in Kmart.

I have had numerous arguments with my gym freak husband, who swears by his dumbells and elliptical. He used to be a trainer during his college days. To think that we ended up together is the biggest joke destiny could play. No matter how insane it sounds to Gym-lovers, I accepted the challenge of being fit without stepping into a gym. No, this was't the motivation behind my fitness routine. It was when I ran 500 meters and then ended up crawling the rest of the distance, I realized I have aged more than I should.

And then began the evening jogs, the excruciating planks and burpees (seriously Burpees must have been an ancient punishment ritual awarded to those who unconditionally loved their bread and butter), Yoga and most importantly - a clean eating lifestyle. I am a foodie and initially I would end my workouts with a plate of samosa and mint chutney. So you can imagine that surviving on salads was not my thing. I cook and eat a proper Indian meal.

It DIDN'T begin on "one fine day". Nothing looks fine during the first few weeks of working out. The bed seems extra fluffy, the food extra delicious, the bathroom - a murderous place from SAW VI and the fitness freak husband starts resembling Voldemort. I would surely have donkey-kicked him if only I could move my legs. It was slow and painful, but for whatever godforsaken reason, I continued. 5 days a week!! 

It's almost a year now and this is my makeshift gym, a corner in the apartment dedicated to my circus. 

Ignore the creepy look ;)
This space has seen me following Jillian Michaels moves, being dragged out for evening runs, jumping against the wall in an attempt to do handstands, climbing up the door-frames and getting stuck in yoga backbends. This is wear I cursed and toiled, fell and hurt, skinned my knees, darkened my elbows, lost my hair and broke numerous hair clips. This is my space of victory and joy.

I feel good - happy and healthy. In addition, I used to shop between size 10 and 12 two years ago, eight months ago when I started practicing Yoga again, I was  between size 8 -10, last week I shopped for size 6. I have never believed in crash diets. It's takes sweat and discipline to sculpt your body and reach the level of fitness you desire. Although, I still can't run much. Come summer and I would be crawling on the road again, but this time atleast I will make it home without crying ;)

Sunrise At Clovelly Beach
And yes, I am still winning the challenge :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

This too shall pass !!

"I see Fire" playing at the backdrop, and I, trying to keep thoughts at bay. Breathing in, breathing out!! In the company of my solitude, it's hard not to reflect back on life. Mostly because I have done enough stupid embarassing things that I might end up putting my head in the oven. ;) Yet, I reflect, braving the images of past.

Did I laugh till I had cramps in my stomach? Did I made someone else smile? Did I love till my heart ached? 

Present sometimes misleads you, about life, about yourself. And the uncertainty of future, is as always, a spoilsport. It's in those moments, a flood of those happy memories would keep you warm. A consoling reminder that nothing lasts for ever - specially the sad days.

Did you see? Did you see... what my Photoshop guru of a friend did to the reflection?
Reflect back on your life and remind yourself where you derived all the strength from. There would be moments when you had fought every single being to follow your heart. Feel that pride again. Feel the pride of trusting your instincts. Remember those who love you, no matter how freakishly insane you are. People who still believe in love is blind - keep them close. Because they are innocent and naive, and strangely, trust blindly too. 

The reflection will give you a true picture, of what you are, why you are what you are. Maybe understanding the past is a stepping stone to move forward.

The troubled times are unavailable, so drink plenty of water, stretch your limbs and along with Ommm, chant "This too shall pass". 

Why this collection of random philosophical thoughts today? Well, this weekend was a reflection-sort-of weekend.

A happy happy song for all of you. 

**Pictures clicked by my super stud husband :)

#MondayMusing at WriteTribe

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Photo Addict !!

Those who are on my Facebook friendlist or follow me on Instagram, would totally agree what a nutcase I am when it comes to photographs. No, not selfie, I do not belong to the selfie brigade. :P Yet unfortunately, I am one of those who would constantly bombard your timeline with extreme narcissism, that too in pixels, loud and bright. On top of that, add on a little poem, expressing immense longing and desire, or words filled with distant dreams and star-trails, that people sometimes doubt if I am high. Let me confirm, yes I am high!! :)

To cut a long story short, since Picasa, Lightroom, Instagram, Pixlr, PicMonkey weren't enough, I scrambled around for some more photo processing sites and softwares. It was then I chanced upon this awesome website that fed my narcissism some more pixels. I even downloaded the app, which included few more themes and layouts. Yayyy happy me!!

Fotor - is the site name, many of you might have already played around with it. But it's new to me and since last week I am constantly processing my pictures and creating collages. And as I am clearly addicted to this app, why not spread the joy :P

My husband asked me to look in the camera and give a lopsided smile... Well I am no Hermione Granger ... so this is all I managed. Yes, I was trying to smile and not look constipated.

Just #StopDropAndYoga, even in the jungle!!

Yes Darling, let's be adventurous. 

I am done with The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell. Next is - The Memory Collector.

Some More Yoga groove for Instagram

That twinkle eyed Wanderlust Girl ... Hop on to my travel blog (Twinkle Eyed Traveller) to know what I am usually upto on weekends.

Don't forget to share your pictures!! :D

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Ghost Crawl

After being sick for over three weeks, I finally got to do some serious Yoga. I mean so serious that I might have scared the living daylights out of Baba Ramdev himself.

Look at this Baby Grasshopper  staring at you with those chilling eyes!! If I print a poster size of this picture and place it next to my beauty products, I am sure I brother will no longer flick my lotions or shampoos or my lip balm.

Believe me, I tried to fix my face in all the softwares that's available in my laptop (and there are quite a few), but instead my eyes creeped me so much that I had to close them. Not a good idea to stare into creepy eyes at this hour. It's midnight btw. God knows what I was trying to do ... imitating the Grudge girl I suppose. How those small eyes managed to look this scarily big is beyond me!! 

Since I am still recuperating, I decided to go slow on yoga mat. But you know, I am one of those person "jo apni hi nahi sunti". The excitement of getting the Baby Grasshopper right got me so jumpy, that I became one legged Cat {Eka Pada Bitilasana}

The one on hands is Crow. Well, since I already looked unearthly, why not an animal and bird too.

My peaceful avatar, usually at the end of practice. That's my moment ... when there aren't a thousand things running in my mind, checking and unchecking imaginary checkpoints. The only time this Dramebaaz girl is quiet, listening to the surroundings. {which is always a hungry growling tummy}  :)

**Please don't sue me if I scared you. It wasn't my intent... I lie of course :P.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Whisper Advertisement !!

Imagine you are comfortably lying in your bed, playing candy crush, with blankets and pillows tucked all around you. Yeah Kinda Princessy!! Well, when it's that time of the month, dare not hog my blanket :P

And then the husband gets up and declares that he is starving. His expression pretty much described that his hungriness was of cosmic proportions. To top it, he suggests taking a walk down the street and buying some grocery. The thought of cold wind blowing outside made my tummy twitch a little more. {Nahiiiiiiii ... extra iiii }

I looked at him, made a face and with a hand on my head said, "Uffff ... I can't even move, what makes you think I can walk".

He stared at me for a couple of seconds.

"Overacting ki dukan, haven't you watched those whisper adds?" He grabbed my laptop and actually started searching for Whisper advertisements.

For once, I was too amused to reply.

From then on, he played Whisper Add in all possible languages. Seriously, Youtube is flooded with them.

"Look at her, she is running."
"Hey, these girls are even dancing." Apparently, Whisper Rampa Girls video has pretty ladies in purple dancing to cool whisper dance moves. If you think that's all, well ladies you are so wrong. There's a Whisper Cottony Blue club video of dance tutorial as well. Who knew?
"Is it enough or should I play some Stayfree Advertisements too?", he winked.

Before I was again assaulted by videos of sanitary napkins, I flung the blanket away and ran into the kitchen.

In the end, we met halfway. I said no to going out, so he offered to prepare noodles while I agreed to chop vegetables. 

I don't think guys aren't aware of Girls and their Problems. This one was taught a little too well {facepalm} :P

For your sake, sharing the Whisper Phillipines advertisement of Dance tutorial. Shake a leg!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Of Daakuni Sister & little gyan

Now that my nose has swollen to the size of a potato, I decided to take off from office today and rest at home. Surrounded by my gadgets, pillows, double blanket ... and a spicy hot noodle soup!! Ahh Bliss !!

I have a pesky little sister and a peskier brother. We three managed to live under the same roof for 20 years, without causing any major injuries. Well stitches don't count, do they? Being the eldest it was my duty to be bossy and walk around with an air of superiority, throwing random commands once in a while - "Paani laao" , "Pair dabao", "Ye Maggi much dede Samba!!"

Ever read all those meme and funny Big Sister Quotes, yup that's me. Right here. They lovingly called me "Daakuni", female version of Daaku (Bandit). 

It's been over two years since I met them. Sometimes, on video calls I suddenly realise how much they have grown. And that I have missed being a part of it.


Last week was pretty lazy, I could manage only 120 minutes of yoga. Sydney winter has got the better of me, cold and congestion for the past two weeks. But I learnt something - don't overcompensate by trying Deepika Padukone's awesome dance moves after leg workout. You can count exactly how many muscles are there in your bum area the next morning.


After reading comments on Anushka's tweet and an article on MenXp, my heart sinks further to see the demeaning behaviour of people on internet. We just got one little life, totally insignificant when compared with the age of universe. Yet somehow during that insignificant time we have managed to say the vilest of things, to become the crudest of life forms. It hurts to think that even after being capable of love and spreading happiness, we decide to propagate hatred in all ways possible.

It doesn't kill to be a nice person you know!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Zentangle Bookmark

“The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.” 
― William Faulkner

Everytime I pick a paperback, I am inspired to craft a bookmark :)

I have stored this hard paper for a really long time, saving from the prying eyes of my hubby who is forever trying to throw away my rag-tag randomly collected paper collection. 

After hours of struggling with Sharpies and Micron pens, and trying to figure out designs, I came up with this.

Cool huh?? It now lies between the pages of The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell

Sunday, July 19, 2015

That Chicken Wonton Soup !!

I absolutely love Chicken Wonton Soup. It tastes bland and those who love spicy food might just use it for the purpose of gargling. But I go google-eyed with just a single sip. Slight hint of spinach and the wontons floating in chicken broth!! oh so yummy!!

But there's another reason why my love for CWS can never die, even though many chefs have managed to murder the recipe. 

7 years ago, during the initial days of dating my husband (then boyfriend), we used to visit Wangs Kitchen, in Chennai, almost every weekend. Even the manager of the restaurant was familiar with our faces. I would always order CWS while he, being a true Marathi, would opt for something spicy. He could never fantom why anyone would opt for "salt water" when there was a whole selection of delicacies available in the menu.

Few months later I had to move to Kolkata for 6 months, while he stayed in Chennai. Tough times for new couples!!

Once I was back, during our first visit to Wangs Kitchen, I thought of ordering the spicy Tom Yum Soup, but he stopped me and ordered two Chicken Wonton Soups instead.

"What happened when I wasn't there", I asked, totally surprised.
"Well, the wonton soup is quite tasty"
"Since when!!"
"Well I missed you, so I used to come here and have Chicken Wonton soup".

And just like that, CWS became my favourite dish ever.

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