Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flowers at Martin Place #Sydneysiege

The memorial area for victims of Sydney siege at Martin Place seems to be increasing everyday as more and more tribute and flowers are pouring in. The whole area is swarming with thousands of people leaving condolences for the two victims who lost their lives when a Gunman took 17 people hostage at Lindt Cafe.

The second floral shrine and Lindt Cafe at the backdrop.

 The Channel 7 news building, just opposite to Lindt Cafe.

Two policewomen patrolling the area on Horses.

The Christmas tree at Martin Place

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When Humanity Died!

It is said that 7 million years ago, human evolved, from Monkey to Man. 

And as the years progressed they started losing their humanity, until yesterday when they mutated into something so despicable, that's there nothing more disgusting on this beautiful planet that it can be compared it.

What kind of creature kills young innocent children, so brutally ... so inhumanely.

The gory images of victims and traumatized parents would send shivers down your spine. I was overwhelmed with sadness and shock as I read the news today. Death toll of children stands at an appalling number of 132.

I am not numb with pain, the pain throbs to see mankind turn into barbaric aliens.

The trauma that the victims and the families are going through is unimaginable. Absolutely nothing, not even God, can be used as a justification to this brutality. 

On this dark day, my heartfelt condolences to the Families in Pakistan. 

Living in country like India or Pakistan, where bomb blasts, murder and massacre have become a part of normal conversation, doesn't mean that we should become immune to it. It doesn't mean that we should forget that there's a devastated family mourning for it's loss. 

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Are we not blinded enough!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sydney Siege and #illridewithyou

As I was riding the train to Townhall, there were a thousand thoughts budding in my mind. The impending deadline, code completion, apparisal, job, christmas...etc etc. 

It was about 10:30 am when I received the mail from HR informing us that hostages have been taken by a gunman at Lindt cafe, in Martin Place, which is about 4-5 blocks away from my building. Soon all the nearby buildings were locked down, including ours. It was not the fear that was disturbing, but the realization of how fragile human life is and how easily can it be tampered with. All my issues and problems felt so insignificant and small. It was shocking that a beautiful and friendly city like Sydney could become victim to religious or political war.

Till now 5 hostages have escaped. I feel for the families of those who are still trapped in the cafe. I cannot even imagine the pain and distress that they must be going through. Although the news agencies know about negotiations and who the Gunman is, they are not revealing it to public on request by the police.

As the terrifying drama unfolds, there's another heart warming act that is taking twitter by storm - #illridewithyou , where Australians have offered to travel with people wearing religious dress, so that they don't feel uncomfortable.

The maturity and camaraderie of Australians, specially residents of Sydney has touched me deeply. Instead of fighting over religion and lashing back, they are displaying unbelievable compassion and empathy to people.

It fills my heart with pride to be associated with a city like Sydney. I sincerely pray for the release of all the hostages and hope tomorrow is a much brighter day.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

[Drabble] Ragpicker

One by one Rimi collected the plastic bottles and placed them in the cart. She loved coming to this side of the bridge. The discards of tourists often contained broken but beautiful things. Once she had found a diary too, with colourful pictures in-between.

Fondling a pen in her hand, Rimi thought of all the wonderful things she would write in her diary. If only someone could teach her how to!

 “That won’t fetch you any money”, her mom shouted from the other end, “throw it”.
She sighed and let the pen slip out of her hand, like her dreams.

100 Words

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Of Game of Throne, Books and Reality

For those who haven’t watched Game of throne drama series and are wondering how the book is, let me warn you before hand – if you open that book, be prepared for constant bouts of extreme restlessness, agony, heart break and shock!! The book takes over you, all you can think of is how you can never be as brave as Arya Stark, and how stupid yet gentle Sansa is. It’s a maze,  a world of its own, and once you enter, there’s no looking back. I have been totally consumed by its story, characters, Winterfell, Dragons and Seven Kingdoms. The storyline is fast paced and there are so many characters that it’s natural to lose track of them. I am done with the first one. The others are waiting for me, eagerly, with their sleep-killing monstrous swords. This book is not for the faint hearted.


Goodreads have published the list of Best Books of 2014. Are you as excited as I am?

I am often lost in a bookstore as to what to read and what not. My biggest fear is to buy a book that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s even worse than buying non fitting shoes. Atleast you can fix a bad shoe.

Don't you simply love a book that effortlessly transports you to a different world? My favorite is still Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy series, followed closely by Millenium Trilogy. These are the books that gave me that aweful feeling of emptiness once I finished reading them. It's hard to describe hard meaningless everything seems when you realize that reality isn't as exciting as space travel.


Are you taking part in 2015 Reading Challenge?

Until recently I considered myself a bookworm, but when Corrine said her aim is 200, I was left gasping for breath. The way Shilpa writes book reviews one after the another and Naba finishes her reading list, I come off as a simple bookworm wannabe. Harini's list on Goodreads makes me marvel at her extreme devotion to books.

My existing list is going to be updated soon. I have created a Bookshelf in Goodreads for 2015 Reading Challenge. It actually makes me feel so organized :)

But first, I need to finish the Game of Thrones Series. Those are seriously huge books!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Modern Paper Quilling Earring

So the rains ruined my weekend outing plan!! It warm and sunny in the morning, and then suddenly there was ferocious thundering, lightening and non stop torrential rain. The sky seemed to explode into light and raindrops. Not to forget I got drenched while buying Paneer for the dear Husband.

But with that I got a chance to stay at home, read Game of thrones and do some quilling work. 

It's been long since I made a paper quilling earring and I have always wanted to make some modern designs, rather than traditional ones as they don't go with my dresses. Armed with a pack of newly bought quilling strips, glue and watermellon dipped in ice cream, the artist was all set to work. It's a good thing that the husband was busy watching movies, else the mess I made on his table was ... well not a welcoming sight. :)

After cutting, rolling, sticking and painting then with a top coat, they were ready. 
I was inspired by a design on Etsy - Blue earring.  Now all I need is a dress to go with it :D

Thursday, December 4, 2014


These flowers, she had nurtured for months, looked sullen today. Droplets had crystallized underneath the white petals. She shook them off, letting it splatter on the icy ground. Maybe that would unfreeze her heart too. If only it could!!
The snow didn’t bother her as she walked towards the awaiting cab.

He kept staring at the road, long after the cab had pulled away. Little Timmy, slowly crept under his shoulder.
“Will Mommy live with Grandma now?” 
He looked down, into his innocent eyes.
“No son, she went to live her dreams”

This was going to be a hard winter.

                                              100 Word Fiction

Monday, December 1, 2014

Microblog Monday - No time to Frown

Last few days just whizzed past me. Shopping for hubby, visiting friends, hogging on food, workload, super gripping book that is eating into my sleeping time, spending Sunday night at office and Monday resolving critical defects. Mentally, I am tired. My eyes are begging me to stop reading Game of Thrones till 2 in the morning. But, I am a bad listener. 

For the past few months, I am trying to spread the smiling bug. And I actually do smile a lot. Sometimes I just skip and hop along the road, singing songs. You would be surprised how friendly and easy going people are, once you initiate a cheerful conversation with "How are you?". Most of the time, I don't even know the names of people I talk to while filling up my cup of Green Tea, but the conversation just flows. I wasn't like this before, but guess with time and experience I have changed for the best :)  

No time to frown when I got the Smiling Crown :D

Friday, November 28, 2014

Drabble - Oh No !!

Ritwi impatiently tapped her feet, waiting for the teacher to leave the class.

She’s so slow 
Before the teacher was out of the door, Ritwi ran past her, towards the Library.

Out of breath, she reached the reading area. Her eyes scanned the table, until she spotted his gorgeous face.

Composing herself, nonchalantly pulling out a book from the shelf, with deliberate steps, she walked towards the table and sat opposite to him.

He looked up and then smiled, amusingly.
What’s wrong? Is it my hair?

It was then she looked at the book, titled  Men on my Mind”

100 Word Fiction

Thanks Elly for the chat.  I was actually inspired to write fiction after that :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

'Un'adventurous Days in Kitchen

My innings in the kitchen is totally inconsistent. There are days when it smells of delightfully roasted cinnamon and bay leaves, while on other days the fire alarm goes off as the fumes of burnt onion and garlic sizzles the olfactory senses of the whole unit.

On unadventurous days, I do end up with some edible food.

Good old Maggi - the saviour of Lazy days, with a dash of onion and peas.

Matar Paneer, with Roti dripping in Ghee. Yeah, don't be shocked, I put a nice layer of Ghee on my Rotis. (And then spend an extra half hour crunching )

Pasta in White Sauce. I can make this anyday anytime without any major disaster.

Pumpkin Soup With Dollops of Cream!!! Yummmm

Rajma with some more cream!! 
You see this girl needs her share of cream :P

Oven Baked Stuffed Capsicum

What's your favorite dish? Are you too prone to misadventures in the Kitchen?

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