Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Connection

Was it the Yahoo Messenger or good old Orkut, I can't remember where it all began. For years on there was no face to the voice I spoke to every night, in whispers, fearing that my roommate would overhear our meaningless conversations. After all, rumours spread faster than light. We would talk nonstop, way past midnight, sometimes till dawn. It was an unusual relationship, which I never successfully figured out. It's strange how the conversations that once evoked myriad of emotions, now don't even register in my mind. 

You did ask once if there was a spark between us and I blatantly lied, pretending to be offended at such an obnoxious question. Later, realisation dawned that you too must be struggling with mixed emotions, unable to understand the weirdness of it all. 

We did meet, as promised. You couldn't stop talking about the girl you were pursuing while I tried not to let my heart split into two. And just like how it began, it was over. We disconnected.

My heart still fluttered when a random email in your name would drop in the inbox once in a while, from forums that I had long stopped visiting. Hey, you forgot to remove automatic notifications and I don't remember the login to disable it. It troubled me that even for a second, thoughts of you would cross my mind. 

Life moved on.

A forever later, in a busy market place, far from the country where we had first said "Hello", I saw you. You grinned wildly, as you gently tossed a little girl in air, catching her ever so softly. The laughter rose above the chaos of the market-goers. I looked on and unknowingly smiled. There was nothing in heart or mind, just an admiration for a beautiful father-daughter moment. 

I didn't stop to say "hi", instead retraced my steps to a different stall, looking for a gift for my wedding anniversary.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Where once lived Fairy Tales

Long story short, two weeks ago I found the place where fairy tales lived, where dreams tripped from pink blooms and poetry slept under the yellow sky. I don't know how they created this magical place, or probably nature is just too blindingly awesome for the simple minded species like us.

When you see trees of almost every color, words fail and you realise all those Disney images, once belonging solely to Cinderella and Snow white, are all yours ... to feel and touch and admire and sing!! 

This is how the entrance looks like... You know just in case for some insane reason you decide to turn back!! 

Rows of Cherry Blossoms ... Ek philosophical pose tou banta hai

Yellow is now my new favourite color

I have already overshared this picture... and probably I will share it till the end of time :P

I am just beyond my wits to have experienced so much beauty!!
So, are you curious to know where this place is ... how about hoping onto this page - Tulip Top Gardens  {psssttt... blatant advertisement of my travel blog}

Hope you all are having a great weekend \.../

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whimsy Yogi - Of Crows & Camels

Hello there, the whimsy yogi is back with her circus :)

The September Yoga Collage

Of late I am training myself to move slowly into the practice. That way I have better control on my body, specially while doing arm balances and back bends. No hoping or jumping into a pose. Frankly, I am just too scared of getting stuck in a pose and not know how to get out of it :P I know at least one person who will find it extremely amusing. If you haven't guessed, that would be my husband.

Watching Sarah Beth's video tutorial, staring at her jaw-dropping'ingly perfect posture and the way she easily gets into it, I attempted my first baby crow pose on Friday. Surprisingly I was able to hold it for a couple of breaths too. Although in the picture it looks as if I am licking the chocolate off the floor. Well yeah, I was just few inches away from having a major front teeth disaster. Pumped with enthusiasm and all those "misleading" positive vibes, I tried baby pigeon poses and then went on to do a full crow. As a result I couldn't move my arms the whole weekend. Ohh this goody good sore feeling!!  My excitement sometimes takes a toll on my limbs.

1. Baby Crow Pose 2. Baby Flying Pigeon 3. Crow/Crane Pose
Forearm stands are a total ego-busters. And inconsistent too. Some days are Yaayyy, some absolutely Nayyy! The days when I try escaping core workouts, are the ones when arm balances and inversions becomes impossible. Since I am still working on my flexibility and stronger core, I attempt most of the intermediate level headstands, backbends and arm balances after about 45 minutes of workout. It's good to prepare the hips flexor before trying to put  your feet over your head. 
Now all I need is a handstand, which I fail miserably at
One of the poses that escaped me for long was - floating camel. It was mainly because I didn't have a beginner level video on how to easily transition into it. This pose will burn your thighs, no doubt. I practiced lot of Camel Pose variations before I got into it. It's not even close to perfect, but I will get there... someday :P

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Inspire, Motivate ... Oh Shucks!!

The day Vidya talked about her Collecting smiles ebook, requesting bloggers to send inspiring and happy posts,  I realised that there's not one post in my entire 7 years archive that matched the theme. Seriously what have I been writing. Today while commuting to work by train, I read few thought provoking posts by Naba, Corinne, Vidya and Suzy (They are like the super bloggers who can fill you with enough motivation and deep insightful thoughts to last the whole day… and longer)

Today, I too am determined to write some heart-melting inspiring stuff!! Hmmm ahem …so how do I actually go about it?

After staring at the blank notepad for twenty minutes…

Isn’t it universal fact that pictures speak louder than  words. Like a hungry media scavenging for news, I scrolled through my Google photos to find a suitable picture that would make readers weep with inspiration and motivation and all those gooey feelings.

hmmm Chicken feet... naah  think I have freaked enough people out of my blog. 
How about this red flower?? mehhh what am I ... Romeo. 
Scroll scroll scroll
ohh yeah this sunrise... noooo I need to inspire people not depress them. 
Scroll some more (ignore the pictures with my legs suspended in air) People have already started identifying me by my feet. 
How about this gorgeous picture of me running after the birds? .... really!! how much more narcissist can I be??

Ok pictures no good.

I should rather write some real life anecdotes. 

How about that time when the buttons of my jeans flew apart at the office... naah the generation of Poonam Pandey doesn’t need more encouragement. 
When I spewed a mouthful of water on my friend … never !!! this is why I don’t have many friends. 
hmmm what about that day when I tried to catch my roomie  like a fish with a mosquito net … {ok I seriously don’t know why I still have friends} 
Burnt Biriyani... nope. Smelly toes ... yuck. Nose infection ... shut up.

Think straight... breath in ... inspire inspire inspire. (don’t forget to breath out)

300 words and yet the only thing I successfully did was to … well do nothing.

Sigh!!! I am too unstable for this stuff. I better limit to reading and admiring these beautiful bloggers. Peace Out \ / 

Oh by the way, I was in Canberra last weekend where the beauty of nature left me bewitched.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Adventurous Foodie

Two Fridays ago I experienced my first ever Yum Cha and the first ever Chicken Feet too. In my defence, my teammates egged me on!! Doesn't it look like ET's finger. It was kind of slimy and soft, but I ate it all :P

I also ate enough prawns to start farming them in my stomach. It was a 10 course meal which mainly consisted of different dumplings and rolls, along with sticky rice and Quail eggs wrapped in Lotus leaf, Chicken feet and yummy Mango Pudding with a layer of condensed milk over it.

I am a foodie and no amount of diet plan would ever work on me. I prefer to  kill myself on the mat, burn the fat than be deprived of all this gorgeous food :P

Having said that I am also a crazy green tea drinker that every friend loves to hate, who orders Raspberry juice while others are drowning in their white wine.  But I am quite adventurous when it comes to food. Most of the friday lunches are spent in experimenting with different cuisines. 

Last week my friends took me to a Chinese Dumplings place - Din Tai Fung. Ever since I have been dreaming of those deletable handmade momos filled with soup and meat. Sluurrppp!!! I can still smell them, feel the soft texture burst in my mouth.... ohh Nirvana!! 

Finished off with Green Tea Ice cream.

My other favourites are sizzling Scallops and Ramen in Tonkotsu soup. This famous Japanese soup broth is made by boiling pork bones for hours, breaking down marrow and fat, resulting in a creamy white liquid.

1. Brownies bought by Colleague 2. Sizzling Scallops 3. Prawn Laksa 4. Ramen in Tonkotsu soup
On days when the unprounceable names on the menu confuse me, I have a simple fall back option - Prawns Laksa. It's soupy, it has noodles, coconut milk, sprouts, prawns... all the goodness in one bowl. No one can ever go wrong with it!!

I guess, till now the only time I had felt creepy while eating something different was fried octopus tentacle and raw oysters. Never again!!

Ever tried raw oysters?
Are you an adventurous foodie? What is the strangest thing you have eaten?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sheroes - The Survivors

Unlike others, hers wasn't the case of jilted love. Rupa was only 15 when her stepmother poured acid on her face as she was unwilling to carry her wedding expenses. The wedding was cancelled and her father refused to take her to medical care if she dragged the stepmother’s name. Yet, the braveheart lodged a complaint, leading to her stepmother being jailed for 18 months. For 6 years she hid behind her scarf and uncertainties. After going through an ordeal of 10 surgeries, she is now working towards her dream to become a designer. It's tragic that there are many like Rupa, who have been so brutally scarred. Read more about her on her FB Page - Acid Attack Fighter Rupa

Image - Facebook page
I am often overwhelmed with emotions while reading the tales of Acid Attack Survivors. Their incredible courage and sheer determination is so heartwarming  that tears well in my eyes, not because of sorrow but out of pride. These are the girls who are teaching real life lessons - of bravery, of faith and of humanity. Their stories force us to look beyond the superficiality of our society. 

I am trying to, in whatever way I can, help Rupa set up her online store. I wish I could do more: meet the survivors, hug them and listen to their stories. The SheRoes Café near Agra (run by acid attack survivors) is now on my must visit list. If you live anywhere nearby, do drop by and further encourage the girls.

If you too want to help Rupa, click here - I want to set up an online store

Lastly, have a look at this empowering photoshoot of Acid Attack Survivors. 

Image source - Google, Photographer - Rahul Saharan

For more - Beauty of soul

There are certain lessons that we must learn before we unleash ourselves into the society - it's not about beauty or brains, it's as simple as being compassionate.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

[Zentangle] Glance

Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places. My friends have been on zentangle spree, creating fabulous designs non stop, while I was still pondering on what to draw next. And then I saw her... a little thumbnail on google plus notification. It took me a while to figure out whose profile picture it was. I was so inspired by the drawing that I took a couple of screenshots on my phone. Today, I got a chance to make a zentangle out of it. 

You can't force a muse to appear, but once it does, there's this restlessness to give it a form. 

Sometimes I feel I am going back in time, (if only my skin too did the same) :P

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Ain't know You Lady !!

"Oh lord!! I better plug in my headphones", he thought. With one flick of the finger, "Supermassive Blackhole" blasted through his eardrums. Nonchalantly he walked around the stall examining the mangoes, feeling their texture, acting like a connoisseur. 

The Indian summer is kind to none. His sweaty Levis tee was now uncomfortably sticking to his back. But he couldn't muster enough courage to walk back home. She might throw a cow at him. He was already planning revenge on his siblings for making him the scapegoat today. And Dad!! Unbelievable. The sudden plan to have a haircut was no fluke. He is practically bald.

She crinkled her nose at a perfectly ripe mango and with a sweep of an eyebrow, mouthed an amount she would pay. The vendor's expression clearly indicated what a ridiculous number it was. As her decibels started hitting higher notes, he flexed his wrists, whistled and aimlessly wandered to the next stall, only to realize that a bunch of women undergarments were now hanging on top of his head.

Quickly he pulled his cap further down and walked back, waiting for the ordeal to end.

The jubilation of her victory was apparent. With a final "I-win-you-lose" glare at the muttering mango stall Bhaiya, she collected her loot.

He tried not to look at her, or even act like they were remotely related.

After all, what's more embarrassing that accompanying Mum while she bargains the living daylights of grocery stall owners. :)

Image - google


Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Musings

Have you listened to the latest Yo Yo Honey Singh's song? It's all autotune and the rap doesn't make sense, but I am in love with the video. Hrithik is such a handsome man and Sonam looks gorgeous, but what I liked most is the vibe of 90's era. The colors, the innocence of love, the happiness of simple things... in the rat race of loud music and inappropriate clothings, this is a beautiful feel-good video, plus seriously, who can not fall in love with the song - Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi mei aana!! Haayeee!!!

Forearm stands are so tough, I don't know how others do it. Like most of my inversions, I practice them safely against the wall, but it's just so difficult to keep still. Backbends are another challenge, specially Kapotasana. I used to read about how yogis would feel vulnerable in that position as it opens up the heart, symbolizing you are opening up your deepest emotions. It's when I started practicing did I realize how true are the words. I realized that I am actually scared of King Pigeon pose, and try to push it to the end of the practice. 

A new goal has been added to my neverending list of to-dos: attend an Antigravity yoga class. But they are so damn expensive!! My husband gave me one of his looks and said - I will tie a bedsheet for you, Jitni Kalabaazi karni hai kar lena. I am pretty sure instead of Yoga, he will enroll me to a Circus. :P

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Zen...tangled !!

Hello there, I really can't move much today, not after walking and hiking for over 10 km yesterday. It was absolutely amazing... but my limbs, right now, hate me.

Wanna feel small? How about this!!

So after fixing some comfort food, which is good old Daal Chawal and Aalu Bhaaji , I rolled up my sleeved and finished this Fish.

For some weird reason, I love Owls. I even have a neckpiece with Owl pendent :) Here's another zentangle.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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