Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Videos, on Repeat

Internet is like a time loop ... how the hours are lost listening and watching the same stuff over and over again is beyond me. I spent straight 2 hours watching this video. It's crazy. For the fear of getting stuck again I try (in vain) to stay away from this section of Youtube.

I chanced upon them while looking for Dance tutorials. My pancreas threatened to pop out when I tried to emulate their moves. Who needs a workout routine when you can do this!!

And this too. If you are addicted, don't blame me.

As if these amazing girls were't enough to send me into retrospective mode, there comes this tiny little angel ... with a sword.

Seriously, what did I do all my life!!

These days I am into listening to mashups of Hindi and English songs. I feel they sound way better than their original versions.

Her other videos are just as wonderful.

I watch DID episodes (Dance India Dance) on youtube. The amount of talent these participants have makes me all weepy and goey . This is one video that I can never ever get bored of watching.

I hope you like them just as much I as do. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

"Hook Knee on the Shoulder" ... Whatttt !!

Hello all the beautiful people out there. I am quite chirpy today as it's Friday. Yayy!!

So I have completed the 13 Day #NamasteInNovember Yoga challenge on Instagram, where the hosts would post a yoga pose each day, and whoever was taking up the challenge would then post pictures of themselves doing the pose or a version of it. It's amazing to see the number of people who are dedicated to practicing Yoga. Their zeal for a fit body and mind is impressive and inspiring.

My husband too became a part of it as every evening after a good warmup and a Vinyasa flow I would drag him out of his comfort zone to click my pictures. Some days he would be creative, some days were just blehhh.

This is how Yogis learn skateboarding. :P

One of the days when the husband was overflowing with creativity

There were few poses that were way beyond my understanding like Eight Angle pose(ahsh-tah-vah-krahs-anna - the one with cap) and Koundinyasana 1. I seriously have no idea how the body could be bent like that. My brain stopped processing as soon as the tutor online asked to hook the inner knee on the shoulder . Like what is happening here!! Anyhow, after watching numerous beginner level videos I was brave enough to try them. My husband gave me a fish-hook-in-the-eyebrow look and as usual wondered if I was stuck. Well, I did look quite desperate, but I couldn't possibly face the camera with my sweaty-teary-tongue-out-help-me face. That's when the cap came to the rescue :P 
Koundinyasana 1 (source Yoga Journal)

The last one was Koundiyasana 1, which I did with the help of a block, because how in the world should one make the left leg fly while the right one rests on the elbow. I got a feeling that all I did was swimming on the floor ( hmmm the carpet needs cleaning).

It was a good experience though, going beyond my comfort zone to try things that I have never done before - keeps me humble and grounded. The road to wellness is long and bendy, and my shoulders too tight. But for now, let me sip my green tea and rejoice the fact that I completed the challenge, without killing myself.

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Husband Histrionics - II

My husband sometimes go through this No-Rice-Roti-Only-Juice phase, often resulting from a sudden realization that his face isn't as angular and shapely as it was few years before. I try my best to console him by reiterating the popular quote - Round is also a shape sweety, but for some reason it always backfires. :P

He would then be found in the hall, lifting dumbbells, doing push ups and handstands. It would all have been good if only his grunts and noises weren't disrupting my Oms and Vinyasa. I adviced him to try opening his third eye, instead I received a light tap on the forehead to mind my own business. {Guys they just don't listen}

Anyhow, those are the days when I am under immense pressure to provide him with food that is devoid of carbs, saturated fats, glucose,  gluten ... in short anything that is considered delicious. Knowing his tendency to be picky, last time I laid before him a plate of beautifully arranged {if that is even possible} baby spinach and carrot. He went to the kicthen and made himself a large cup of hot chocolate, with extra milk powder.

The other weekend he was adamant that he will be eating only green and raw. I browsed for low carb recipes and zeroed on Avocado Egg sandwich. He followed that diet for exactly two afternoons before buying 2 chicken drumsticks and a breast piece for dinner.

He is well aware how ridiculous his antics are, but also perfectly knows that only his wife would entertain all his nit picks (usually with a mocking smile and a "not so delightful" retort).

These days whenever he is fussy about double chin, I cook palak paneer with extra cream and serve with aloo paratha. ;)

Oh by the way, today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary :)

More on Husband Histrionics 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Of Extra 5 mins & Laddus

Mornings are always busy, hectic to precise. I end up sleeping that extra five minutes and then have to run to the train station, to be just on time for the meeting. Amidst this chaos and a thousand random thoughts, I stand by the glass door of the rushing train, watching the city unfold in front of me. It is then that I notice this tiny green plant, flowering between rocks and concrete. I looked around but there wasn't any patch of fresh earth to be seen. And at that moment, somehow I found an inspiration - the meaning of strength and persistence. 

I love lighting Diyas, but the fear of setting off the fire alarm made me resist decorating the whole balcony :P Tried making some Gulab Jamun with milk powder this time. Well let's just say they turned so rock solid that I could have used them as firecrackers :P After consulting Google Baba, made few Besan K laddu and lentils Pakode too, while the husband cooked some awesome Eggplant and Potato curry. So you see all my diet control went out of the window and tomorrow I will have to kill myself on the mat again.

Till then, let met grab another Laddu.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King

Hope you all are having a fun and safe Diwali. May love, light and laughter fill your life. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Of Headstands & Fog

If you are on Instagram (@rajlakshmihb) and relentlessly stalk yoga enthusiasts, you would notice that many of them participate in monthly challenges hosted by other yoga practitioners and sponsors. For long I have been meaning to take up one of the challenges, but... well, most of the poses are simply beyond my capability. Although they post a beginner level video too, I never quite got around to participate. 

As I had said before, year-end is a period of irrepressible guilt. It makes you remember all the missed goals, the fancy promises made in a state of euphoria and pumped up dreams (and some red wine too). :P

So here I am, taking part in a 13 day Challenge called #NamasteInNovember. Hope I atleast see this one to the end.

Setting things straight!

It had been pouring in Sydney since last week, the clouds hanging heavy over the city. Luckily on Saturday, the weather was perfect for a long drive. Or so I felt. The nearest place I could think of was Nan Tien, about 80km away. After enjoying a simple yet delicious lunch at the Buddhist Temple, we walked around the place for an hour, soaking in the tranquility. It was on our way back did we realise that the highway was covered with dense Fog. It's such a different experience when all you can see around you is white nothingness. Kinda dreamy ... and scary.
The Fog grew denser than this !!

My husband had a photoshoot scheduled on sunday, so I stayed back and did what I do best when alone - make a Zentangle Bookmark, yet again!! Seems like I will run out of books one day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Introspection !!

After growing up I realised that the perfect world that I was so fervently looking for doesn't even exist. This broken beautiful world is all I have, and it's imperfections are perfectly in sync with my idiosyncrasies. I cry along with the sadness that surrounds it, I smile at it's dazzling beauty and when calls a cuckoo from deep in the woods, I listen, even though sleepy eyed.

The creation of a perfect world is beyond my capabilities. You see, I am not that great. But sure I can live in peace and not shove a fellow human. Not ridicule a belief just because I don't agree. Beyond rules, rituals and cultural inhibitions, we are after all humans. And pain ain't prejudiced.

What's the toughest thing you have ever done in your life? For me it will always be letting go. I hold things a little too close to my heart, the feelings so tightly coupled that like a domino it ripples through my being. 

Life is about understanding that it's OK to have your heart broken. Love will find me once again. It's OK to be ridiculed. The ground beneath my feet is solid and still. 

I deliberately surround myself with positivity. I have unsubscribed many sites, shutdown bad news and never indulged in warfare of words. Tell me something, if you don't know how to keep yourself happy, how are you going to spread smiles? Rise but don't forget to hold your neighbour's hand too. 

93% of mass in your body are made of stardust. See it's not just the poets, even science agrees. You are born to shine, to blind the night sky. 

I am nothing but

Oxygen and hydrogen,
A luminous sphere of plasma
Held together by helium and gravity,
And like a balloon I float on earth,
Waiting to be released back into the sky
- Suzy Kassem

**Here's offering you a cold drink after this overdose of philosophy.
***Around year-end I always end up doing introspection and retrospection. So more blabber to follow :P

****All pictures clicked by my super-awesome Husband (Vivid Lights Studio


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Got That Move

"You are a cruel insensitive *beep beep*", she muttered under her breath, trying to match her husband's fast pace.
He, on the other hand couldn’t help guffawing at her expression.
"Hey I am only following your son’s order".
"That ungrateful ..."

"Look", he stopped, “we have to make it work - for you and I, and a hundred relatives who are going to attend Rishi's wedding. Let’s show them you still got the moves darling". 

Probably it was the excitement in his voice, or the way he winked at her, but 60 years old Simran couldn’t resist a shy smile.


Well I cheated, I couldn't come up with anything for the picture, so just the phrase :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Of Sculptures & Octopus Ball

The last three days simply rushed past me. Those un-ticked items on my to-do list is resulting in a restless Monday morning. Unlike younger days when Friday nights meant movie marathon till wee hours of Saturday, this time I was tucked in bed by 9 and probably snoring by 10. Partly because my glutes, obliques and whatever godforsaken muscles that exist near abdominal area were on fire after a round of Muffintop massacre. {I have no idea how she is still smiling, my tongue was on the floor by the time I was done}

On saturday, we went for a coastal walk from Clovelly to Bondi, to see the "Sculpture By the Sea" exhibition - where more than 100 artworks were placed along the 2 km coastal line, starting from Tamarama to Bondi. It is the world's largest annual free-to-the-public outdoor sculpture exhibition, displaying thought provoking works of some very talented artists. After lunch at Bondi, we walked back, admiring the sculptures once again. The cool ocean breeze was a welcoming respite from the heat. 

After reaching home the first thing I did was to apply layers and layers "Turmeric and Besan" paste. In fact I believe I ended up making my own Vicco Turmeric face wash :P

On Sunday I woke up to the delicious smell of French Toast and coffee, probably the only perk of being married to an early riser as most weekends I am kicked out of bed even before the sun hits the horizon. For lunch we went to a food festival nearby. I ate fish cakes, korean chicken skewers and crab balls. I bought octopus balls too. As long as they looked round and fried, I had no qualms eating it, but one of the balls broke and out came an octopus leg. That was it, I couldn't eat anymore. Strange how our minds work.

Crab and Octopus Balls

Did you have a good weekend?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Of Workouts & Waffles

Pick your friends carefully for they make you do insane stuffs - like 30 Days Squat Challenge and leg workout challenge. Pfffftttt!!

Egged by my husband, I included push ups too. Now I am utterly useless at opening doors, or using limbs to do anything else in general. 15 more days to go. 15 terribly long long days. 

On a positive note, now I don't fall flat on my nose while doing push ups. And my headstands seem super straight after burning my core.

The last quarter of the year usually reminds you of all the forgotten resolutions. Blogilates 30 days Abs challenge is already in queue. I better see some result after grilling through the ordeal. 

That is so me!!
But Loki is always lurking somewhere. One of my colleagues brought delicious smelling Sambar for lunch yesterday. All day long I only dreamt of slamming down a plateful of spicy sambar-rice. In the evening, rushing through torrential rain, I hunted down an Indian Store to buy some tamarind and Sambar Masala. Ohhh the smell in the kitchen even made my husband forget his diet. I must have eaten a cooker ful of rice with pumpkin and carrot sambhar. Then for some weird reason watched Final Destination 2. Don't think my food got digested much. :P

Have you ever left your husband alone in a supermarket while you are looking for couscous and broccoli? I did that and look what happened...

Grrrrr he is pure evil. Washboard abs!! Maybe next year.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zentangle - Yoga Girl

This was a quiet weekend. A lot of cleaning, washing, little bit of cooking and some Zentangling. Who am I kidding, it was all about zentangles!! :)

Here's my Yoga Girl, doing a Natrajasana or Dancer Pose.

Now I know the reason why my husband gives me the look when I want to buy more pens. Yup, I am the typical stationary hoader, who is excited by the arrival of perfumed-inked-glitter pens and cannot pass a craft shop without buying another set of flowery diaries, notepad and sticky notes. And yet, even after turning the house upside down, I couldn't find a single eraser. So you can still see some of the pencil marks. 

And that's me doing Natrajasana early in the morning. :)

Seriously, I am slowly turning into the girl who's always Namastaying and sipping Thai Green Milk Tea. :P

How was your weekend?

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