Friday, April 18, 2014

The Puppy-Dog Eyes Mutation

My bro and sister went to the same veterinary college. Every morning she would wake up early in the morning, prepare soup and sandwiches and take them to the class to give it to my brother. Yeah, he was the envy of the whole class. My brother would in return give him blood and goof stained lab coat to her for washing. Brother!!! *rolls eyes* 

Being the youngest, my brother was and is still the pampered of all. But for years
he had fought against what he called discrimination at home. You see if I or my sister needed anything, we would just go to dad, make puppy dog eyes and say pleaaassseeeeee in a long 'cutest' manner. That was all required to melt his heart. Dads just can't say no to their darling daughters, can they?

But if bro asked for something he was interrogated with all the what why who whom where questions. Ahh poor he :P He tried our method too, but it only resulted in an expression that clearly said What the frack is wrong with him!!

Infact when he went home after he passed out of Academy, he was assigned the task of painting the roof :P 


My brother has a puppy dog look too, which he learned from all the years with our dogs. But I classify that as his Bhikari (beggar) look. Nevertheless, it has quite an effect on both the sisters. He knows he could get his younger sister cook a feast with roast chicken and pulao  and the elder sister to share half of her peanut salary just by making that look. Ahh brothers!! God gave them the quality to melt their sisters heart into one gooey pulp.

{In the picture, is my previous neighbor's pup Sunny}

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The OCD Instability

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Now my Dad loves to have everything meticulously clean and proper. A shoe should be in shoe-rack, the comb should be near the mirror , all the body lotions and oil should be arranged in one line according to height, increasing or decreasing. My mother is just the opposite, it's just that she has too much in her plate.

With hungry brats screaming for attention, dog chewing up the door mat, leaves all over the garden, Dad asking for coconut oil, the comb would land on dinning table and Salt-Pepper can on dressing table.


My sister cannot wear anything that's not ironed and when I  say ironed I mean -  steamy iron. Even during fashion-emergencies when we need to get ready in a jiffy, she would leisurely take her shirt and slowly iron it until she's surrounded by steam. How she manages not to set her clothes on fire, is beyond my understanding.

My funda is pretty simple
Image - Etsy

And because of this, she is the forced official Iron-er of our household. I actually used to bribe her to iron my clothes.

My brother was obsessed about decorating the wall, like this

Yup that's his room
 which obviously freaked my Mom out :P

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Nikki Adoration

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors 

Nikki, our black Labrador, that my brother got from shelter during his college days, now stays with my parents. She's absolutely adorable, understanding and gentle. Infact so gentle that if a stranger drops in, she would escort him to the Verandah, make him sit and then run along to find my mother. :P

Here's she is.

Nikki Playing fetch

Nikki Dance

Nikki Jump

Nikki  Search

Nikki Sit 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Momentum of a moment

The days were dark and nights gloomy. It was the season of appraisal - unfair and unfortunate. I was at home, wrecked and in deep abyss of depression. The dishevelled appearance was sending my husband into deep shocks. Crouched in a corner I was busy blogging, when two cockroaches crawled past me. Thapak Thapak!!! In quick Jackie Chan Style chops, I killed them - with my bare hand.

 It was at that very moment, when I stared at the remaining squished remnants of roaches, sticking on my palm, I wondered if this was the dream I had envisaged. One look at the mirror was terrifying enough to remove the Cornflakes out of hair and wax the moustache.

Oh my God I need help

Souce - Here

That very moment I decided to quit.

Maybe the universe too was poking me to do the same. Penny(BBT) quit her job to become an actress, Lily(HIMYM) quit to become an artist. I was standing at the traffic signal when this girl hugs another girl and asks "Did you find a new job?"

The day I decided to put my papers, I saw a girl in elevator. She was talking to her colleague.
"Ready for the challenges of today", he asked her.
"I don't really care”, she said, and then added, "I am leaving this Friday. It's my last day."

Yup I was confident; it was time to resign, after 6 years of working in the same company.
On 1st April, I boldly walked up to the workstation, opened the Portal for resignation, entered the reason and clicked Submit.

Tang!! Nothing happened. I clicked again... nothing.

After numerous mails and escalations to helpdesk in India, the damn button worked. It took me 8 days to submit my resignation. This bhhloody universe was sending mixed signals.  By that time my superior had resigned (another coincidence), my colleague had found a new job too.

So here I am, in one of the worlds's most expensive city - Sydney, looking out for my destiny, reading Core Java and preparing for interviews, waiting for the last working day.

My friends are surprised that I resigned without having a backup plan. Well, sometimes it's worth the risk. I might land in deep puddle and may have to use husband's credit card (gasp!! the horror), but how can I work with something that made me look like a Grizzly Bear!! 

I can't be that cruel to myself, can I? :)


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Love Lunaticism

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors

 "We all wonder what love is. Is it a feeling, an expression, a thought, an act? Or all of it"

He looks at me with those guilty eyes, aware of all his wrong doings. Across the floor lies my 1000 bucks kitten heel ballerina, and yet, when with tiny deliberate steps, he walks towards me, waging his tail and nestles his head in my lap, I go "olelelele kuutchuu muttchuuu... koi baat nahi ... it's ok"

She would pack half her garden, and place it  in every corner of our car. From curd to fish, pumpkin to bananas, not a leaf remains unplucked. They lavish us with the best duck curry made out of the plump duck from her farm and jump into fishery to catch the biggest fish.

We chat on phones all the time, the visits have become rare due to the distance. But whenever I visit them, they make sure I have the best of what they have. My mother's sisters and brother are crazy that way.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Kitchen 'K'atastrophes

Theme: Home Affairs of Elephant Warriors 

I love watching Hannah Montana and Castle and HIMYM and well the list goes one. The trouble begins when my husband starts watching these serials while I am cooking. As soon as the title song of Castle begins, my concentration automatically shifts from chopping onions to Castles deep blue eyes.

In my kitchen, I have got a hot plate instead of gas stove, which takes forever to heat up. Usually, while chopping vegetables, I would turn on the heat. In between frying onions and sautéing vegetables, I would run into the other room, steal glances at Castle and run back to the kitchen.

While I wait for the onions to turn golden brown (which in my case jumps from white to dark brown), I would watch Detective Beckett handcuff suspects.

Often during these stealing-glances moment, my timing would falter and by the time I reach the kitchen counter, there would be a dense black cloud of smoke above the pan. Thus start the process of coughing , crying and asking my husband to open the windows and doors, lest the fire alarm goes off.

If you cook Indian food, with lots of turmeric powder, chilli powder and other spices, you would understand my turmoil while I try fan away smoke. With watery eyes, itching nose and a terrible sneezing fit, I would fervently try to cook something edible, while my husband would watch on, safely standing away from the danger zone, shaking his head.

Sigh!! Castle maybe some other night.

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